The Witcher 3 Romance - How to Romance Yennefer, Triss, Keira, and Others in The Witcher 3

The Witcher 3 Romance - How to Romance Yennefer, Triss, Keira, and Others in The Witcher 3

Here's how to complete every Witcher 3 romance option, for Triss, Yennefer, Keira, Jutta An Dimun, and Madame Sasha in the main game.

Throughout his journey in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Geralt of Rivia has several chances to engage in romantic activities with certain women. Some of them are part of the main quests, while others are more random in nature. This Witcher 3 Romance guide tells you all you need to know to romance Triss, Yennefer, and Keira in the game, as well as other characters like Jutta An Dimun, Madame Sasha, and others.

Witcher 3 Romance Guide

Below, in our complete Witcher 3 romance guide, you'll find info on how to romance all the main romantic options in The Witcher 3. Follow our guide and you'll be romancing in no time!

How to Romance Keira Metz in The Witcher 3

Geralt has the opportunity to become intimate with Keira Metz at the end of the Secondary Quest: A Favor for a Friend. Choose to have dinner with her, then select from the following conversation options as you see fit.

  • Tell her she doesn't have to ask twice.
  • Tell her you're not in the mood.
  • Inform her that there's someone else.
Keira and Geralt talk inside Keira's secret hideout.

How to Romance Triss Merigold in The Witcher 3

This Carnal Knowledge Encounter is available at the conclusion of the Secondary Quest: Now or Never. Choose from the following conversation options to reach your desired outcome.

  • Tell her farewell and she leaves.
  • Tell her stay with you.

No matter what you choose, Triss will board the boat. It's this list of conditions that you must meet if you still want things to lead to a Carnal Knowledge Encounter.

  • Kiss her at the ball during Secondary Quest: A Matter of Life and Death.
  • You agreed to help her with the mages during Secondary Quest: Now or Never.
  • Tell her you love her and continue to be pleasant with her.

How to Romance Yennefer of Vengerberg in The Witcher 3

Geralt will have a chance to get to know Yennefer better at the end of the Main Quest: The King is Dead – Long Live the King. At a certain point in the quest you’ll need to choose from two dialogue options, determining exactly how things will turn out between the two of you.

  • Tell her ‘We’re gonna choke and die.’
  • Tell her ‘Damn, I wanna kiss you, Yen.’

Later on in the story, Geralt will have another chance to be intimate with Yennefer. The opportunity comes during the Main Quest: No Place Like Home. When the entire group is downstairs at the table, Yennefer will stand up and excuse herself.

If you’re romantically involved, she’ll request to speak to you in private, and after you’re done, you’ll return back downstairs to find your fellow witchers drunk. If you aren’t romantically involved, you won’t get this chance, and instead, everyone around you will get drunk and talk about the past.

How to Romance Jutta An Dimun in The Witcher 3

Geralt can visit Jutta An Dimun after completing the Side Quest: Iron Maiden. Jutta will invite you back to her house. She’ll ask you to come around at about dusk. If you choose to accept the offer, her house is located beside the place where you fought Gundar.

If you aren’t interested in spending some one-on-one time with Jutta, simply agree to her request to help out with “Freya’s cruel trick”.

Yennefer and Geralt meet up in Vizima, although it's strictly business during this visit.

How to Romance Madame Sasha in The Witcher 3

At the end of the Side Quest: Gwent: High Stakes, Geralt will be offered dinner at the Kingfisher Inn by Madame Sasha. She’s looking to score half the winnings from the contest, but if you’re willing to part with your hard earned Gwent Cards, Geralt can score another night out on the town. After dinner is finished, the conversation quickly shifts to talk of heading upstairs for the night.

  • Agree if you're looking for a Carnal Knowledge Encounter with the Madame.
  • Disagree and you’ll spend the night with your cards.

How to Romance Strumpet of Crippled Kate’s in The Witcher 3

If one of the previous Carnal Knowledge Encounters aren't for you, you can always head over to Crippled Kate’s in Novigrad. Pay the Madame 20 Crowns, or don't. It's up to you to choose how you wish to proceed.

How to Romance Harlots of the Passiflora in The Witcher 3

If for some reason Crippled Kate's isn't your kind of place, head up to Passiflora in Novigrad. Speak with the Madame here, paying 40 Crowns, rather than the 20 you were charged at the previous establishment.

The video below shows you the outcome to all your romancing in The Witcher 3. Be warned that the content is adult in nature!

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