Fortnite Playground Mode - When Will Playground Return to Fortnite?

Here's everything you need to know about the brand new Playground Limited Time Mode, available now in Fortnite Battle Royale.

The Fortnite Playground mode is back on the horizon for Battle Royale players worldwide, and it'll be back once again for the game very shortly. In this Fortnite Playground LTM guide, we'll be walking you through the exact date that the Playground mode is due to return on, as well as detailing how you can take advantage of the practice mode while it's on.

Season 5 of Fortnite is well underway at this point, and it's introduced a huge number of new challenges and skins alike.. Head over to our Fortnite Season 5 guide for everything included in the new Battle Pass.

Fortnite Playground Release Date

While the Playground Limited Time Mode was originally suspended by Epic for a time, it's due to return to the game tomorrow, on July 25. This comes well after Epic outlined the problems with the original launch of the mode earlier in the month, so here's hoping there's a smoother launch for the practice mode this time round.

Patch update v5.10 is now available for Fortnite, on the day before the Playground mode is due to relaunch. There are some changes to the mode in the patch notes, which you can see just below:

  • Players can now switch teams in-game.
  • Aim assist will work when using a gamepad against players on an opposing team.
  • Matches will no longer end if one player leaves the server.
  • Golf carts have been added and spawn 100% of the time.
  • Ammo cans spawn 10x the amount of ammo.
  • Removed grey vending machines, increased the chances of higher-tier machines spawning.
  • Increased launch & bounce pads spawn likelihood.

In the original description of the mode from Epic themselves, the developer said: "Battle and build to your heart's content with an extended period of time to roam around the map as well as increased resource generation. All treasure chests and ammo crates will be spawned, try droppin' in different spots and scope out the loot. Friendly fire is on so you can scrimmage with your squad (up to 4 friends per match), but fear not you'll respawn immediately."

So the loop of Playground is simple: you load into the map with up to three friends in a squad, and you explore. You can explore the entire Battle Royale map without other players trying to kill you, and without the blue circle of death slowly closing in. This is only for an hour however, as after 55 minutes the storm will begin to close in, and it'll take 5 minutes until the map is fully engulfed in the storm.

Chests will still be present on the Playground map.

Unfortunately, stats and challenge progress won't be tracked in Playground. Epic definitely wants this to be a practice mode for players, perhaps with a focus on building, instead of progressing against the competition.

When Will Fortnite Playground Return?

We mentioned previously that the Fortnite Playground mode will return on July 25 after patch 5.1 has launched for the game. You can see the full list of changes for the mode just below:

  • 1v1s and 2v2s
  • Aim assist for controllers
  • Editing other player’s structures
  • Traps affecting teammates/enemies correctly
  • Highlighting teammates on the map
  • Damaging enemies with your pickaxe
Build to your heart's content!

We’ve reached the end of our Fortnite guide on the new Playground LTM mode. You can now head over to our best Fortnite skins page, where we’ve ranked the top 15 cosmetic items in the game.

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