Madden 20 HB Ratings - All the Madden 20 Running Back Ratings

Madden 20 HB Ratings - All the Madden 20 Running Back Ratings

This is our guide to all the Madden 20 running back ratings, so you know which HBs are the best in the business.

As Madden 20 has finally launched for everyone around the world, it's time to delve into the best players at every position. In this Madden 20 HB ratings guide, we'll be rounding up all the best Madden 20 running backs you can find in the game, so you're never at a loss for knowing which team to use with a running scheme.

Madden 20 Best Running Backs

In the table below, we've rounded up a list of the best Madden 20 running backs on offer in the game. Next to the listing of each player, you can find their overall rating, then their individual ratings for awareness, speed, and carrying, four vital statistics for any HB.

PlayerOverall RatingAwarenessSpeedCarrying
Todd Gurley97919294
Ezekiel Elliott94989088
Le'Veon Bell92958988
Melvin Gordon95929593
Saquon Barkley91799295
Christian McCaffrey91969189
Kareem Hunt90849098
Alvin Kamara90878993
Davonta Freeman89889285
Joe Mixon88899192
Chris Carson87938890
David Johnson87899286
Mark Ingram86948889
Phillip Lindsay86889393
James White86858991
Nick Chubb85869092
Tarik Cohen85809278
Dalvin Cook85769187
Lamar Miller85869290
Dion Lewis84789087
Sony Michel84869091
Tevin Coleman83829486
James Conner87838689
Derrick Henry83818997
Adrian Peterson83929085
Matt Breida82789490
Austin Ekeler82849283
Marlon Mack82878987
LeSean McCoy82838987
Jerrick McKinnon82759285
Leonard Fournette81829292
Frank Gore81998491
Kerryon Johnson81838890
Aaron Jones81869090
C.J. Anderson80888991
Jordan Howard80848996
Duke johnson80778982

Madden 20 Running Back Stats Explained

And there you have it, the list of the best running backs on offer in Madden 20. Are there any surprises for you on the list? It's easy to forget how LeSean McCoy used to be by far the quickest HB in the league just a matter of years ago. No surprises at the top of the list though, as Todd Gurley and Ezekiel Elliott rightfully claim the number one and two spots respectively, beating out Le'Veon Bell after the latter missed the entirety of the last NFL season.

But what makes a good running back in Madden 20? For starters, look at the stats for each player that we chose to showcase in the table above. You might not think it, but awareness is actually a really crucial stat for any player that's going to be carrying the ball, as it allows them to see incoming players sooner and steel themselves against tacklers.

Saquon Barkley in Madden 20. | EA

Speed is obviously paramount for any player in Madden 20, let alone a running back. Although it's not absolutely crucial for your HB to be the quickest player on the field, it certainly helps if they can outrun any cornerbacks and safeties in the backfield once they break through your opponent's defensive front.

And finally, there's the carrying stat for pretty obvious reasons. The basic rule here is that the higher the carrying stat for a player, the less likely they are to fumble the ball upon being tackled. In addition to this, a solid carrying stat also drastically decreases the chances of your HB dropping the ball after being handed it by the QB on a toss or draw play. It's a small stat for a running back, but it's crucial.

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