Fortnite Pleasant Park Chests Locations - Search Chests in Pleasant Park

Fortnite Pleasant Park Chests Locations - Search Chests in Pleasant Park

Here’s all of the chests in Pleasant Park.

From time to time, the Fortnite Weekly Challenges will feature a task requiring you to search chests in a specific location. Chests will appear in the same spots every time, though only a handful will be active in each map. In this Fortnite Pleasant Park Chests Locations Guide, we’ve got every spot where you can find Chests in Fortnite Pleasant Park. We’ll give you screenshots of the exact places you can find them, as well as an overview of every chest in the immediate area.

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Pleasant Park Chests Locations

There are total of twelve chests to find in the center of Pleasant Park, with the number varying per match. Thanks to, we can take a look at the image below, showing off every Pleasant Park Chest Location.

Fortnite Pleasant Park Chest Locations

Below you’ll find images of every chest spawn spot in Fortnite Pleasant Park. We’ve also included a brief description of how to find them.

This first one can be found bang in the middle of the football field

To get to this Chest, go to the building at the south west of the area. The chest is hidden next to a pair of beat up washing machines.

This chest is located in the building at the south east of the area, in one of the attics.

In the same building, there is another chest in an attic room.

From the last chest, head north to a building at the west of the area. There’s a chest in the attic next to a sleeping bag.

In the next building, there’s another chest in the attic room

There’s a small brown building to the North of the last one, with another attic room containing a chest.

Right in the center of Pleasant Park is a Chest. Just head to the gazebo in the middle.

At the east area of Pleasant park, there’s a building with a basement hatch, open it and you’ll find a chest.

In the same building, head into the attic, there’s a chest.

In the North East corner of the area, there’s a dog house containing a chest.

In an attic of a nearby building there’s another chest, behind a wardrobe.

In the same building is another chest, just break the roof open and you’ll find it in the attic.

The building in the middle of the Northern section of Pleasant Park has a chest in its attic.

Now move to the buildings located to the North West of the area. There is a chest in an attic section.

Another building right on the edge of this area, looking out over a blue car, has a chest in the attic.

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