Assassin's Creed Origins Trials of the Gods Guide - How to Defeat Anubis, How to get the Anubis Gear Set

Assassin's Creed Origins Trials of the Gods Guide - How to Defeat Anubis, How to get the Anubis Gear Set

How to earn money and XP quickly in AC Origins, how to kill Phylakes, the Trials of the Gods, boss fights, and how to find all the Stone Circle locations.

Assassin's Creed Origins now has a temporary new Trials of the Gods event, that challenges players to take down the ancient god Anubis himself, through a rather strange problem with the Animus. In this Assassin's Creed Origins Trial of Anubis guide, we'll walk you through exactly how to defeat Anubis himself, as well as all the benefits of undertaking the massive battle.

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Assassin's Creed Origins Trials of the Gods Guide

The Assassin's Creed Origins Trials of the Gods event is actually limited to one week at a time. Unfortunately the event ended back on November 13, after being available for roughly a week, but we'll nonetheless walk you through how to take down Anubis himself, in case the event rears its head again.

For completing the Trial of Anubis event , you'll gain one item of the Anubis Gear Set, and whenever the Trials of the Gods event next appears in Assassin's Creed Origins, you'll have the opportunity to earn another piece of the Anubis Gear Set. Once you've taken part in enough Trials of the Gods events to earn the full Anubis Gear Set, you'll be rewarded with an exclusive Animus Outfit for Bayek, although we have no idea what this outfit will look like when it eventually arrives in the game.

Assassin's Creed Origins Trial of Anubis Guide - How to Defeat Anubis

To initiate the Trial of Anubis quest itself, you'll have to head into the Great Sand Sea region of the Assassin's Creed Origins map, which is located just south of Siwa. There, in the desert, you'll begin the battle with Anubis himself, although we'd recommend that you level Bayek up to at least level 39 before undertaking this quest, as the battle ahead is long and arduous.

In the first phase of the Anubis boss battle, you'll have to repeatedly shoot the glaring white hole in the chest area of the boss with either of your bows. We'd recommend going with a combination of a Light and Warrior bow in your two slots, as these are the quickest to fire. You'll also have to be wary of the giant jackals that Anubis can send out after you, although you merely have to dodge to either side to avoid these beasts.

Once the hole in the chest of Anubis has vanished, you know you're into the next phase of the boss fight. Minion soldiers are now sent out after Bayek, and while they're easy to kill, Anubis will spawn a wall of bones around Bayek without warning. Break through the wall with light melee attacks as quickly as possible, and get back to dealing with the minions, taking care not to step in any of the dark clouds dotted around the battlefield.

After all the soldier minions have been killed, the glowing white cavity will reappear on Anubis, so pick up some arrows marked on the battlefield by loot drops, and get back to shooting him, while also taking care to avoid the jackals at regular intervals. In the next phase when the soldier minions reappear, be warned that jackals will also be sent out with the soldiers, so take care not to stay too long in one spot on the battlefield, and keep moving around so you're less likely to be hit.

When you find yourself back round to the next phase with the soldiers, they will now be replaced with regular jackals. Thankfully, every jackal you kill in this phase damages the main health bar of Anubis himself, meaning all you have to do is kill off the jackals as quickly as possible, and you'll damage the boss at the same time. After this phase, it's back to the ranged battle one final time, and then you're done with Anubis.

That's it for the Trial of Anubis event, as once Anubis is down, you'll gain one item in the Anubis gear set, and the quest will be completed. We don't yet know when the limited event will be returning, but we'll be detailing it here as soon as it reappears.

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