The Outer World Canid's Cradle Choice - Should You Give the Targeting Module to Graham or Sanjar?

The Outer World Canid's Cradle Choice - Should You Give the Targeting Module to Graham or Sanjar?

This is our guide to the Canid's Cradle quest choice in The Outer Worlds. Should you give the Targeting Module to Sanjar or Graham?

Near the end of the storyline on Monarch in The Outer Worlds, you're going to be given a choice between delivering a Targeting Module to one of two factions. In this Outer Worlds Canid's Cradle choice guide, we'll be detailing the consequences of giving the Targeting Module to either the MSI in Stellar Bay, or the Iconoclasts in Amber Heights.

Outer Worlds Targeting Module Choice

After you've made peace between the Iconoclasts and the MSI, you'll visit the Information Broker on Monarch, who'll get you to boot up the signal relay now that both the Iconoclasts and the MSI have stopped transmitting. The celebrations are cut short when a huge UDL gunship crashes into Monarch, not too far from the relay tower.

And just like that, both factions are back to fighting each other to the death. Before you leave the relay tower, Sanjar from the MSI and Graham from the Iconoclasts will each request that you give them the Targeting Module from the crashed UDL gunship, since it could greatly help defend both factions against the encroaching corporations.

At this point, you need to firstly go and retrieve the Targeting Module from the crashed gunship. This is really simple: just interact with the terminal when you first reach the ship, eject the Captain's Key, and use it to open the two doors leading to the Targeting Module, which you can then claim for your own.

You now need to make the crucial decision: MSI and Sanjar, or Iconoclasts and Graham. Below, we'll break down all the options you've got here, and the consequences that each decision brings.

Siding With MSI

If you want to side with MSI and protect Stellar Bay, simply bring the Targeting Module to Sanjar. You can opt through dialog to hand over the module immediately, significantly raising your standing with the MSI, and protecting them against all future incursions, be it from corporations or the Iconoclasts.

Siding With the Iconoclasts

Things get a little more complicated if you want to side with the population of Amber Heights. When you enter the building with Graham, Zora will greet you at the door, but only if you previously sided with her and obtained medical items from Carlotta in the Iconoclast quest line.

If you chose to side with Zora previously, there's another choice to be made here. Zora will attempt to overthrow Graham and take control of Amber Heights. You can either stand back and let Zora fail in her attempted coup, or you can help her overthrow Graham and lead Amber Heights to a different future.

After this, you can hand the Targeting Module off to whoever's left standing. If you chose to side with Graham, hand the module over to him to bring peace to Amber Heights, or hand the module to Zora if you chose to help her take over the town.

A Peace Treaty

But as you might have already guessed, there's a third option to be made here in the Canid's Cradle quest. It is actually possible to bring about a peaceful resolution between both the Iconoclasts and the MSI. Below, we'll provide you with the necessary steps to take to bring about peace between the factions.

  • Once you've acquired the Targeting Module, visit Sanjar.
  • Don't give him the mofuel, but instead inquire about how things got so bad between the Iconoclasts and MSI.
  • When given the option, suggest that Sanjar could try working with Zora instead of Graham.
  • Go to Amber Heights, and help Zora overthrow Graham.
  • Using either a 55 Persuade skill or a high Inspiration attribute, convince Zora to try and work with Sanjar.
  • Go to Cascadia, the small town overflowing with Marauders in western Monarch, and retrieve Zora's review from a HR computer terminal there.
  • Give Zora's review to Sanjar, who will agree to meet at a small church just outside of Stellar Bay.
  • In the meeting, suggest that Zora's people support Sanjar's supply lines, and try to seal the deal with 35 Persuade.
  • Propose that Sanjar had no knowledge of Graham's involvement in the massacre.
  • Remind Zora that she's here for her people, not the past.

And that's it! With Zora cooling off and Sanjar ready to make concessions, the two sides will finally work together. Note that Zora's people helping out with supply lines and some of them going to live in Stellar Bay is the only possible pact the two sides can form. There's not an option to have all of Zora's people move in to Sanjar's town, for example.

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