The Outer Worlds Perks - All the Best Perks to Purchase

The Outer Worlds Perks - All the Best Perks to Purchase

Here are the best Perks in The Outer Worlds, that you should be purchasing first.

The Outer Worlds hides a lot of Perks away for you to invest Perk Points in. There are three total tiers of Perks, the second and third of which are locked off until you've purchased enough Perks in the previous tiers. In this Outer Worlds Perks guide, we'll be going over a full list of the best perks in The Outer Worlds, as well as detailing every additional Perk in the entire game.

The Outer Worlds: Best Perks

Before we get onto a complete list of Perks in The Outer Worlds, we'd like to draw your attention to some Perks that you should absolutely purchase at the first opportunity. Every Perk in the game costs 1 Perk Point to purchase, and you'll gain one of these points every other time you level up.

  • Toughness - It sort of goes without saying, but a Tier 1 Perk that'll increase your maximum health is a no brainer in the opening hours of the game.
  • Deadly Demonstrations - If you're playing on venturing out onto planets with Companions at your side, then you're going to want to earn XP for every kill they pull off.
  • Pack Mule - If you didn't advance your 'Strength' Attribute when creating your character, then this Perk that lets you carry more in your inventory is a must.
  • Soliloquy - Even if you've already put a fair few points into your Dialog Skills, this Perk can give them an easy boost. You're bound to be in need of high Dialog Skills a lot in The Outer Worlds.
  • Harvester - The going can get really tough if you're outnumbered, so this Perk that restores your health for every kill is a nice bonus.
The basic Perks screen for The Outer Worlds. | Hirun Cryer/USG, Obsidian

Full Perk Tier List

In the sections below, you can find lists of every available Perk to be purchased in The Outer Worlds. You'll firstly start off with only Tier 1 Perks available to be purchased with Perk Points, but you can unlock the two additional Tiers through buying lesser Perks.

Perk Tier 1

Firstly, you'll start with the ability to unlock any of the Perks below. You can unlock the Perks below from Tier 1 in any order than you please.

Perk NamePerk Effect
Toughness+50% base health
Slow the World+25% Tactical Time Dilation meter max
Lone Wolf+25% damage when alone in party
Strider+25% walk speed
Cheetah+20% sprint speed
High Maintenance-25% weapon/armor durability loss
Precision+15% Companion critical hit chance
The Negotiator-20% vendor prices
Deadly Demonstrations+50% XP from Companion kills
TravelerCan fast travel while encumbered
Quick and the Dead+50% Tactical Time Dilation recharge rate
Pack Mule+50kg carry weightTier 1
A Few Bits More+100% vendor ammo stock and consumables
Resilient+5 base armor rating

Perk Tier 2

Next, there's the Tier 2 Perks. To unlock this second Tier, you'll need to have unlocked five total Perks from the Tier 1 list.

Perk NamePerk Effect
Run and Gun-65% accuracy penalty while moving
The Reaper+25% Tactical Time Dilation restored per kill
Weird Science+50% Science weapon damage
Speed Demon+25% movement speed during Tactical Time Dilation
Scanner+20% bonus damage to headshots/weak points
The Collector+5m interchangeable object highlight range
Snake Oil Salesman+20% vendor buying prices
We Band of Brothers+25% chance to reset a Companion ability cooldown on critical hits
Tag Team+25% chance to reset a Companion's ability cooldown while using the other Companion's ability
Rolling Thunder-20% Companion ability cooldown for each of your kills
Harvester+15% health restored per kill
Hoarder-50% weight of consumables
Pack of Pack Mules+40kg carrying capacity bonus from Companions
Soliloquy+10 to all Dialog skills

Perk Tier 3

Finally, there's the Tier 3 Perks list. You need to have unlocked ten total Perks from Tiers 1 and 2 combined in order to access these elite perks.

Perk NamePerk Effect
Wild Science+50% Science weapon damage
Steady Hand-100% ranged weapon spray and accuracy penalty while moving
ConfidenceNext attack after a kill is a guaranteed critical hit
Armor Master+10% armor rating bonus, +100% armor skill bonuses
Super Pack Mule+100kg carrying capacity
Tactical Master+70% movement speed during Tactical Time Dilation for first 5 seconds
Revenge+20% damage while affected by a harmful combat effect
Last Stand+30% damage while on under 25% health
Boom, Headshot!Headshot kills deal 25% base damage to enemies within 2.5m
Don't Go Dyin' On Me!Revive Companions to 25% base health when using an inhaler
Penetrating ShotsRanged attack deal -1 armor rating for 10 seconds, can stack up to -10
Thick Skin-15% area of effect damage taken, -15% plasma damage taken
Tit For Tat+15% melee damage returned as health
Solo Sneaker-33% detection radius for enemies when you have no party

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