The Outer Worlds Companions List

The Outer Worlds Companions List

This is our guide on all the Companions in The Outer Worlds, including how to find and unlock each one.

The Outer Worlds features a colorful cast of Companion characters that you recruit to your cause. If you allow them to stick with you, they'll join you on your ship for adventures throughout the rest of the game. In this Outer Worlds Companions guide, we'll be providing you with details on how to unlock and recruit every Companion we've uncovered so far in the game, so you know how to bring the best of the bunch with you.

How Many Companions Are There?

Firstly, we'll be providing you with a list of all the Outer Worlds Companions that we've found so far in Obsidian's game. Below, you can find a brief roundup of all the Companion characters that we've uncovered. There are six in total.

  • Vicar Max - A pastor with a bit of a murky past, Vicar Max has holed up in Edgewater, where he's preaching to an audience while battling some pretty heavy demons of his own.
  • SAM - On the top deck of The Unreliable, the deactivated SAM robot awaits, ready to be booted up again for cleaning and combat purposes.
  • Parvati - You'll meet Parvati not far away from Vicar Max in Edgewater, where she'll help you out in the main story quest of dividing power between two communities.
  • Felix - A lackadaisical spacefarer on the Groundbreaker, Felix is a young lad in search of adventure.
  • Ellie - A medic by trade, Ellie is a scrappy fighter found aboard the Groundbreaker.
  • Nyoka - You'll meet Nyoka on Monarch. She's got a bit of a drinking problem, a reputation among the local population, and a mission to uncover the fates of her former crew.

Where to Unlock New Companions in The Outer Worlds

For each of the Companions we've detailed above in The Outer Worlds, you're going to want to know how to actually recruit them into your crew. Below, you can find simplified steps for how to find and recruit each Companion character.

Vicar Max

Where to Find Him

You can find Vicar Max in the church in the eastern part of Edgewater. Accept his request to find a book out in the wilds, and once found, welcome him into your crew.

Recruiting Vicar Max

In order to recruit Vicar Max, you’ll need to take on the Parvati quest called ‘Comes Now the Power’ During it, you’ll be given a recommendation. Now it’s off to meet Vicar Max, after which you’ll be sent off to retrieve a book. Complete this mission to unlock the option to recruit Vicar Max.

Vicar Max Companion Perks

Every Companion has special perks that they can offer to assist you. Here’s what you’ll get for having Vicar Max in your party:

  1. Bonus Support Hack: +10 Hack
  2. Sermon: +20% Dialog Combat Effect Duration
  3. Mad Max: +20% Science Weapon Damage

What’s Vicar Max’s Companion Ability?

Here are the abilities that Vicar Max can use:

  • Trickshot: Max examines and evaluates his target and spiritually enlightens them with a blast from his shotgun


Where is Sam?

Head to the top deck of The Unreliable to find the deactivated SAM. Then, head to the factory in Roseway to find the Acid Steeper part and activated SAM.

How Do You Recruit Him?

In order to recruit SAM and make them operational again, you’ll need to complete the sidequest ‘The Cleaning Machine’.

SAM’s Perks

If you have SAM in your group, you will get the following Perks:

  1. Bonus Support Intimidate (+10 Intimidate skill while SAM is in your party).
  2. Bad Samaritan (SAM deals +20% damage to Auto Mechanicals).
  3. Cleaner (-20% negative reputation upon kills while SAM is in your party).

SAM Ability

Here’s SAM’s Companion Ability in The Outer Worlds:

  • Decontaminate: Sam jumps in the air and slams down near his target spewing out caustic cleaning fluids all around to get out those really tough stains.


Where to Find Parvati

Progress the main story of The Outer Worlds until you meet Reed Tobson in Edgewater. When you embark on his quest to the Geothermal Power Plant, accept Parvati's request to accompany you.

Recruiting Them

If you want to recruit Parvati, you’ll need to complete the ‘Stranger in a Strange Land’ quest.

Parvati’s Perks

Parvati has three Perks, which you can take advantage of by having them in your party.

  1. Bonus Support Engineering: +10 to Engineering
  2. Mod Finder: +10% Chance to extract mods in the Field
  3. Synchronicity: +25% Tactical Time Dilation Meter

Parvati’s Companion Ability

Parvati’s Ability is Overload. It has the following effect:

  • Overload: Parvati slams down her hammer creating a blast wave that shocks enemies and stuns auto mechanicals.


Where to Find Felix

Once you've disembarked your ship at the Groundbreaker, you'll see Felix getting into an argument. Resolve the conflict by taking his side, and on your way back to your ship after talking to Udom Bedford, you'll find Felix wanting to join your crew.

How do You Recruit Them?

To Unlock Felix as a companion option, you’ll need to speak to him at the Docking Bays. He’ll be engaged in an argument, you just need to take his side.

Felix Perks

Just like other companions, Felix has three Perks to make use of. Here’s what they can do:

  1. Bonus Support Persuade: +10 Persuade skill when Felix is in your party.
  2. Bootlickers!: Felix deals +20% Damage to Cowering enemies.
  3. Rebellion: While Felix is in your party, you and your allies deal +20% damage to Corporate Military.

Here’s Felix’s Companion Ability

Felix has the following ability that they can use:

  • Dropkick: Felix charges his target, leaps into the air and slams into the target with both feet


Where to Find Ellie

Aboard the Groundbreaker, complete the Worst Contract Companion Quest in the medical section of the ship. Resolve the quest peacefully by bribing Udom Bedford with 2175 Bits, and Ellie will ask to join your crew.

Ellie Perks

Here are the three Perks that Ellie will bring to your group:

  1. Bonus Support Medical: +10 Medical
  2. CPR: Recover 25% Health when fatally wounded.
  3. First Responder: +20% Heal amount granted by Medical Inhaler.

Ellie Ability

Ellie’s Ability is Quick Draw. She quickly draws her pistol and fires off a series of precision shots at her target.


Where to Find Them

On Monarch, complete the 'Passion Pills' quest by obtaining medicine from the MSI Dispensary, and as part of the main story, Nyoka will join your crew.

Nyoka Perks

Nyoka has three Perks which will apply to your group once you’ve recruited them. They involve the following:

  1. Bonus Support Lie: +10 Lie skill while Nyoka is in your party.
  2. Exterminator: Nyoka deals +20% bonus damage to Creatures.
  3. Hunter: Reduce by 20% how far the sound of your footsteps travel while Nyoka is in your party.

Nyoka Ability

Finally, let’s take a look at Nyoka’s ability. It’s called Barrage, and sees Nyoka using her personally modified LMG to deal damage and set enemies ablaze.

Finding Companions in The Outer Worlds is actually pretty simple, since there's a fair few of them to be found across the various planets. As soon as we uncover any additional Companions in Obsidian's game, we'll be adding them to the list above.

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