The Outer Worlds Power Plant Decision - Should You Divert Power to Edgewater or the Botanical Labs?

The Outer Worlds Power Plant Decision - Should You Divert Power to Edgewater or the Botanical Labs?

Here's our guide on the Power Plant decision in The Outer Worlds. Should you divert power to Edgewater, or the Botanical Labs?

As you progress the main story of The Outer Worlds, you'll quickly need to make a pretty important decision: should you divert power to the town of Edgewater, or the community in the Botanical Labs? In this guide, we'll be providing you with all the details you need to make the most informed decision, as well as going over all possible fallout from either decision you make.

The Outer Worlds: Edgewater or Botanical Labs

Since we're going to be discussing the ramifications of the decision you need to make at this part of The Outer Worlds, consider this your spoiler warning for the guide! So after you've met Reed Tobson in Edgewater, spoken to Adelaide in the Botanical Labs, and reached the Geothermal Power Plant, you'll need to make one hell of a decision.

You need to divert all power from the Geothermal Power Plant to either the town of Edgewater, and side with Reed Tobson, or Adelaide's community in the Botanical Labs. There are actually quite three ways this situation can play out, because there's choices after the initial option of selecting which location to divert power to.

Divert Power to Botanical Labs

One option for this quest is to simply divert all power straight to the Botanical Labs. This means that your reputation with the Deserters will increase, but will fall with the residents of Edgewater.

If you head back to Edgewater after diverting power to the Botanical Labs, you'll find Reed Tobson waiting just outside the basement under the main cannery. Talk to him, and he'll ask you why you betrayed him. No matter your choice, he'll reveal that upwards of ten armed guards are standing between you and the Power Regulator that you need for your ship, all of which are ordered to shoot you on sight.

To resolve the situation peacefully, you need a 30 Intimidate status in order to talk Reed out of a gunfight. Otherwise, you'll be forced to murder Reed's guards in order to obtain the Power Regulator. That about does it for this ramifications of diverting power to the Botanical Labs, although we should add that Parvati, a strong supporter of Edgewater, won't abandon you if you opt to divert power away from the town.

Divert Power to Edgewater

Obviously the other major choice here is to divert power to Edgewater instead. After doing this at the Geothermal Power Plant, head back to the Botanical Labs, and Adelaide will berate you for betraying her and the community.

You actually have two options here. Option one is to take the Power Regulator for your ship, and walk away, leaving Adelaide and the local community to make their own mind up about whether to return to Edgewater now that they have no power. But there's another option, which you can read about below.

A New Leader for Edgewater

Instead of walking away from Adelaide with the Power Regulator, you can offer to "take care" of Reed for her. Committing to this means you've set yourself on a path to oust Reed as the leader of Edgewater, and install Adelaide as the leader of the town instead.

If you've selected this option, return to Edgewater and speak to Reed Tobson in his tower above the cannery. If you want to oust Reed by murdering him in cold blood, then you can simply select the conversation option to outright attack him. This will bring a swift and brutal end to things, as you can probably imagine.

But there is an option to peacefully oust Reed as the leader of Edgewater, so Adelaide can take over. Press Reed on the fact that Adelaide has successfully managed to grow crops again in the Botanical Gardens, and assert that the population of Edgewater are probably getting the plague because all they do is eat saltuna (not really a great diet).

Do successfully persuade Reed to leave Edgewater peacefully, you need two stats: 25 Persuade, and 30 Lie. The Persuade stat is to make Reed see reason that the people of Edgewater are getting sick, and the Lie stat is for getting Reed to look past the real reason Adelaide has managed to grow crops again.

If you can successfully pull off these two dialogue options with the required stats, you'll get Reed to peacefully step down from Edgewater as the leader of the town. This is, to be honest, the best outcome for all parties, as it means the town of Edgewater will get new crops and food, the people of the Botanical Gardens and Adelaide get a new home, and on top of it all, Parvati is pretty damn impressed with you.

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