The Outer Worlds Respec - How to Respec Your Character Skills

The Outer Worlds Respec - How to Respec Your Character Skills

Here's how to respec your character skills in The Outer Worlds.

The Outer Worlds features a pretty robust upgrade system for your character, but you can respec the acquired skills and perks for your character for barely any cost. In this Outer Worlds Respec guide, we'll be walking you through rerolling your character as easily as possible, so you can flip to another character build whenever you want.

How to Respec in The Outer Worlds

To respec your character in The Outer Worlds, you need to have unlocked Alex Hawthorne's ship, The Unreliable. When you enter the ship from the entrance doorway, turn to your left, and you'll be in a cargo hold of sorts.

Head up the ladder at the opposite end of the cargo hold to you, and you'll reach a walkway that bends round to the left. At the end of this walkway, you can find the respec machine, which allows you to pay 500 Bits to completely respec your character, and start their Skills and Perks over again from scratch.

Here's the special Respec Station. | Hirun Cryer/USG, Obsidian

What Skills Can You Respec?

Every time you increase your character level by earning XP in The Outer Worlds, you'll acquire ten total Skill Points. Just below, we'll list out all these Skills, and the attributes each one governs.

  • Melee - Governs melee damage for both one-handed and two-handed weapons.
  • Ranged - Affects reload speed, weapon sway, and critical hit damage for handguns, long guns, and heavy weapons.
  • Defense - Increasing Defense gives you better windows to dodge and block attacks.
  • Dialog - Persuade, Lie, and Intimidate are all governed by your Dialog value, and each one can be used to unlock additional conversation options.
  • Stealth - Governs your sneaking, hacking, and lockpicking skills.
  • Tech - Controls your medical, science, and leadership values, each of which can be used to unlock new dialog options, as well as using terminals and healing items.
  • Leadership - Governs your Inspiration and Determination values, both of which affect your Companion's damage, armor, and cooldown times.

Every time you level up in The Outer Worlds, you can put a total of ten Skill Points into any of the skills we've listed above, which will increase the skills that they govern. But outside of this, you'll also get a Perk Point every other time you level up.

Perk Points work a little different to Skill Points. They actually allow you to acquire new skills and bonuses for your character, like increasing your carrying capacity, sprint speed, health regeneration, and more. For a complete walkthrough of every Perk in the game, check out our full Outer Worlds Perks guide.

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