The Outer Worlds Shrink Ray - How to Get the Unique Shrink Ray Science Weapon

The Outer Worlds Shrink Ray - How to Get the Unique Shrink Ray Science Weapon

This is where you can get the Shrink Ray science weapon in The Outer Worlds, one of the unique weapons in the game.

The Outer Worlds can stray into pretty weird territory at times, and within that weird territory lies the Shrink Ray weapon. In this guide to the Outer Worlds, we'll be walking you through getting hold of Phineas Welles' special Shrink Ray weapon, and how you can use it for some pretty amazing effects.

Outer Worlds Shrink Ray Weapon

To get hold of the Shrink Ray weapon in The Outer Worlds, there's just one requirement: progress the story past Monarch planet. This involves settling the dispute over the Targeting Module between the Iconoclasts and the MSI, and if you need a helping hand reaching the most peaceful resolution possible, check out our full Outer Worlds Canid's Cradle guide.

But once you've finished up your business on Monarch, you'll be directed to board your ship and go to Phineas' lab through the navigator. Once here, you'll have a quest marker pointing you in the director of Phineas on the small space station, who is stood behind some bulletproof glass.

Where to Find the Shrink Ray

It doesn't matter here whether you speak to Phineas straight away or not. But what you're looking for is a small table to the right of Phineas, on your side of the bulletproof glass. On this table lies the Shrink Ray gun, which you can pick up and take for yourself without Phineas' approval.

Here's Phineas in his lab. | Hirun Cryer/USG, Obsidian

Now that you've obtained the Shrink Ray gun, it's yours to keep. You can use it whenever you want on any living enemies, and it'll slowly shrink them down to a comically small size, where you can go about "beating them to a pulp," in the words of Phineas.

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