The Outer Worlds Zoe - How to Find and Bring Zoe Back

The Outer Worlds Zoe - How to Find and Bring Zoe Back

Here's where to find Zoe in The Outer Worlds, and how to bring her back to town.

When you first reach the Botanical Labs area on the planet Halcyon in The Outer Worlds, you might find yourself tracking down a missing townsperson called Zoe. In this guide, we'll be walking you through how to find Zoe in The Outer Worlds, which requires one hidden trick in order to complete the quest with the best possible outcome.

The Outer Worlds: How to Find Zoe

There's a pretty simple method to completing this quest in The Outer Worlds as easily as possible. We'll quickly walk you through the basic steps to track down Zoe and bring her home just below, and we'll delve into the quest in greater detail further down.

  • Accept the quest from Grace, standing guard outside Botanical Labs, next to huge neon sign.
  • Find Stefan Garcia, he's a shop vendor sat outside a house down the hill from Grace.
  • Ask Stefan about a special surprise he has lined up for Zoe, which is a special serial of her favorite magazine.
  • Search Zoe's house to find two paper notes, which will pinpoint her location on the map.
  • Go to Zoe's pinpointed location on the map, roughly 300 meters away.
  • Kill all the Marauders surrounding the small cluster of buildings.
  • Speak to Zoe, and tell her about Stefan's special surprise.
  • This will cause Zoe to commit to going back to the Botanical Labs.
  • Go back to Grace and report your success.

How to Bring Zoe Back

While this isn't a mainline quest in The Outer Worlds by any means, it's likely the first quest you'll come across that involves the Botanical Labs. This is a location that you're directed to visit in the main story by Reed Tobson, the town leader in Edgewater, in an attempt to broker some sort of peace between the two factions.

Just outside the Botanical Labs, you'll encounter Grace. You can walk right by her if you want, but if you do speak to her, and press her on the issues currently affecting the community in the Botanical Labs, you'll be tasked with tracking down and bringing back Zoe, a former resident who's gone missing.

You'll be directed to search Zoe's house, which is just down the hill from where you meet Grace. However before you reach Zoe's house, you'll see a man sat on a porch. Approach Stefan Garcia and meet him for the first time, and he'll get onto talking about Zoe's disappearance.

Press him on the topic, and he'll reveal that he actually collected one of Zoe's favorite magazines for her, and was planning to surprise her with it before she went missing. With this information, go over to Zoe's house, and search the house to uncover two paper notes (they're not hard to find).

The notes reveal that Zoe actually stole some supplies with the intent of joining up with local Marauders. You'll now be tasked with heading to Zoe's last known location on Halcyon, which is only a short walk away from the Botanical Labs.

When you get here, you'll be greeted by a handful of Marauders, who'll open fire on you immediately (as all Marauders do in The Outer Worlds). Defeat all the Marauders by whatever means necessary, and you'll find Zoe in the middle of the small cluster of buildings, who you can talk to once the Marauders have been slain.

Zoe will admit to having run away from the Botanical Labs voluntarily, and will add that no one in the town really liked her. This is your big chance to reveal Stefan's present to her, an edition of your favorite serial. This will cause Zoe to do an immediate 180, and she'll commit to returning to the community straight away.

With Zoe committed to return, all you need to do is go straight back to Grace, and report your success. She'll marvel that you were able to convince Zoe to return, and your reputation with the Botanical Labs Deserters will increase.

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