Super Mario Maker 2 Release Date, Story Mode, Night Theme - Everything We Know

Super Mario Maker 2 Release Date, Story Mode, Night Theme - Everything We Know

Here's our guide to the Mario Maker 2 release date, new online co-op changes, new limited edition, building tools, and more.

There's now a matter of days to go until we get our hands on Super Mario Maker 2, and there's a bunch of new features to look forward to in Nintendo's construction game. In this guide to the sequel, we'll be going over the Super Mario Maker 2 release date for later this month, all of the new Super Mario Maker 2 building tools, and much more.

Super Mario Maker 2 Release Date

The Super Mario Maker 2 release date is June 28, 2019. Just below, you can see the debut trailer for Super Mario Maker 2 on the Nintendo Switch, which is certainly one of the best games we could ask for in time for the Summer.

Super Mario Maker 2 Limited Edition

For the release of Super Mario Maker 2, there'll be a limited edition of the game available to purchase. However while the limited edition is available in European markets, we can't seem to find a purchase option for the limited edition through US stores. We'll update this section when a purchase option in the US is confirmed for the Super Mario Maker 2 limited edition.

The Super Mario Maker 2 limited edition. | Nintendo

Super Mario Maker 2 Night Theme

In the course maker feature of Super Mario Maker 2, there are five game styles that you can use to assemble your stage. These are Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros 3, Super Mario World, New Super Mario Bros U, and Super Mario 3D World. On top of this, there are also stage themes, which include Ground, Sky, Underground, Forest, Underwater, Ghost House, Desert, Airship, Snow, and Castle.

But Nintendo has also added in a day/night cycle for every created stage. If you course is in Night Mode, then certain properties of the stage are changed, like the Mushrooms turning into Rotten Mushrooms, for example. To unlock the Night Mode, all you need to do is place the Angry Sun on your stage. Then, move your cursor over the Angry Sun, and hold A. You'll now bring up the options menu for the Angry Sun, and you can now switch the stage over to Night Mode.

Super Mario Maker 2 Story Mode

If you want a beginner's guide to Super Mario Maker 2, then Nintendo has you sorted with a new story mode. This takes place in a palace, which is slowly rebuilt using coins you've collected from completing levels. It features a ton of levels made by the dev team on Super Mario Maker 2, teaching you all the tips and tricks you need to know about getting started with creation.

Meet Mr. Eraser. | Nintendo

We've already tried out the story mode of Super Mario Maker 2, and found that it's a great introduction to the building mechanics of the game. The story mode is basically comprised of Nintendo-created levels, which test your reflexes, brainpower, and other skills. But the main narrative of the story mode actually has Mario and various Toad workers reconstructing Princess Peach's castle, after it's destroyed.

But outside of the story mode, there are 45 "lessons" in Super Mario Maker 2, being split up into beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels of building. These different levels and lessons are going to teach you things like terrain, blocks, level pacing, and more.

Super Mario Maker 2 Online

In Super Mario Maker 2, you can download levels for offline play. Up to four players can assemble in one lobby, and then take on levels together, playing as Mario, Luigi, Toad, and Toadette.

Toad's joining us for this adventure. | Nintendo

Previously, Nintendo stated that it wouldn't be possible to play with your friends online in Super Mario Maker 2. Now they've changed their stance on the feature. "We are going to be making some changes to the matching with friends that you can play," a Nintendo representative said on a Nintendo Treehouse stream.

It's welcome news that Nintendo has changed their stance on playing with friends in Mario Maker 2. So now when the game does launch, you'll be able to invite your friends into a single lobby, where you can each choose between playing as Mario, Luigi, Toad, or Toadette, and play a level in the game together.

Super Mario Maker 2 New Features

Super Mario Maker originally released in September 2015, only for the Wii U. This time round, the sequel will release only for the Nintendo Switch, and the basic premise of the game is that you can create any 2D Mario levels that you can imagine, with the sequel offering up even more scope and creativity.

There were tons of possibilities in the original Super Mario Maker, but the sequel is set to offer even more enemies and features for you to create your own levels with. How do we know this? Because Nintendo Life has already compiled a list of all the brand new features that the game has to offer. We’ve rounded up some of the best new features so far in the list below:

  • There are now slopes of varying gradients. People really love the slopes.
  • Gusts of wind are now available for your own levels, coming from Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels.
  • There’s an angry sun that chases you from Super Mario Bros. 3.
  • There’s now desert, snow, jungle, and forest themes available for your levels.
  • There's also a set night theme, so you don't need to use the Ghost or Underground theme to make your levels dark.
  • You can set custom paths for snake blocks, which first appeared in Super Mario World.
  • New ant trooper enemy from Super Mario 3D World.
  • You can now create vertically scrolling levels in Super Mario Maker 2.
  • There are now giant Bullet Bills, but also Bullet Bills that can shoot out from the background of the level.

It’s pure speculation, but you can see that the feature art for Super Mario Maker 2 features Luigi standing alongside Mario. Could this mean that Super Mario Maker 2 might support split screen co-op? It’d certainly be a nice feature, and could follow suit from the Switch version of Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker just recently getting co-op support.

Mario Mario and Luigi Mario. | Nintendo

As of right now, these are all the details we have on Super Mario Maker 2. We’ll be sure to keep this page updated whenever Nintendo reveal any additional details for the sequel, so check back at a later date for new info.

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