Red Dead Online Posse - How to Posse Up, Persistent Posses Explained in Red Dead Online

Here's all the information you need about how to form a Posse in Red Dead Online, so you can play cowboy with your friends.

Playing with your friends is everything in Red Dead Online, especially if you want to squad up with your friends and take on a gang hideout. In this Red Dead Online Posse guide, we’ll be walking you through how to play Red Dead Online co-op, so you can get a group of your friends together as easily as possible.

But if you need any additional information at all on the online portion of Red Dead Redemption 2, you’ll want to head over to our Red Dead Online guides hub. Here you can find all the beginner’s tips and tricks you’ll need to get started, as well as how to get yourself around the character creation system.

How to Form a Posse in Red Dead Online

Creating a Posse within Red Dead Redemption 2 is actually pretty simple, and you can do it all from the main menu of the game, before you’ve even started playing. Simply select “Posse Up” from the main Red Dead Online menu, and from there you’ll have the option to join the squad of any of your friends that already in-game and playing.

But what about when you’re already in a game of Red Dead Online? While you’re free roaming in the open world, you can press left on the d-pad on either the PS4 or Xbox One controller at any time, to bring up the main menu of Red Dead Online.

Red Dead Online Temporary Posse Explained

If you select “Posse” once you’ve pressed left on the d-pad, you’ll now have a range of options to choose from, as you can see from the screenshot just below. Firstly, there’s the type of Posse to consider in Red Dead Online. A “Temporary Posse” will place you in with a random group of strangers, and this is excellent for when you’re looking to take on a fort or gang hideout for some quick kills and easy cash.

Red Dead Online Persistent Posse Explained

Then there’s the “Persistent Posse” option. While the Temporary Posse is disbanded after you exit Red Dead Online, the Persistent Posse sticks together, forming a permanent group that you can squad up with any time you got to play Red Dead Online. However there’s an entry fee for setting up a Persistent Posse, which will set you back $200.

So, setting up a Posse isn’t actually that complicated in Red Dead Online, but you’ll need to pay an entry fee if you want to create a permanent group for you and your friends. Think of the Persistent Posse option like a Destiny Clan: You can jump into a game at any time with your friends, and kill/steal/scream to your heart's content.

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