Days Gone: How to Increase Camp Trust

Days Gone: How to Increase Camp Trust

There’s a wide variety of Camps in Days Gone, each with its own Trust level and currency. Here’s what you need to know.

The majority of the characters you’ll meet in Days Gone will be found in Camps. You’ll have separate standing with each, requiring you to increase Trust level for each one in exchange for Camp-specific Credits. To give you the skinny on how Camps work in Days Gone, we’ve put together this guide on how to increase camp trust, as well as how you can turn in bounties and donate to kitchens.

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How to Increase Camp Trust Levels in Days Gone

If you want access to better bike upgrades and weapons in Days Gone, you’ll need to increase your Trust Level at the world’s Camps. Each Camp has a different Trust Level, so you’ll need to work on each independently. Here’s how to increase Trust Level in Days Gone.

  1. Complete Camp-specific missions like Bounties, campers in need, and supply runs.
  2. Hand in items to the kitchen.
  3. Complete main missions linked to a Camp.
  4. Hand in Freaker ears at the Bounties stand. The more ears, the more the Trust increase.

Where to Hand in Freaker Bounties

After you’ve killed a Freaker, make sure you’ve collected your Bounty. These can be donated at the various Camps scattered around the world. You can choose which Camp you want to donate with, so make sure to check out which items each is offering before you increase your Trust level by handing in Bounties.

Where to Repair and Refuel Your Bike at Camp

There’s one more thing that you can do at Camp in Days Gone. If you head to the Mechanic, you can pay to Refuel and Repair your bike. This will cost Camp Credits, but is well worth doing before each run. You don’t want to be caught short of fuel while out in the shit.

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