Days Gone: How to Fast Travel

Days Gone: How to Fast Travel

Even though you have a bike at your disposal, there is still a Fast Travel system in Days Gone. Here’s how it works.

Days Gone puts a lot of emphasis on its motorcycle mechanics, you play as a biker after all. Even so, there is a Fast Travel system available, and you’ll likely want to use it to head back to camp to turn in Bounties, stock up on ammo, and complete missions. To help you wrap your head around the fast travel system, we’ve put together this guide. We’ll go over how to fast travel, how much it costs, and when you’ll want to use it.

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How to Fast Travel in Days Gone

Cruising around the world of Days Gone on the bike you built yourself can be a blast, but it can also get kind of tedious over large distances. Thankfully, there’s a fast travel system. Here’s how to fast travel in Days Gone:

  1. Head to the map and select the fast travel point you wish to go to.
  2. Under each option you’ll see the fuel cost, and the time jump that will occur.
  3. You’ll need the minimum amount of fuel to Fast Travel, which varies by distance.
  4. You’ll also need to either be near your bike or a bed.

Restore Power to NERO Checkpoints to Unlock Fast Travel

You can fast travel to all Camps, though you can also unlock more fast travel points on the map by completing NERO Checkpoints. For more info on NERO Checkpoints, head to our NERO Checkpoints Guide. Once you’ve restored power, you’ll be able to fast travel to more locations.

Fast travel costs fuel and a set amount of time. | SIE Bend Studio/Sony

Clear Nearby Infestations to Fast Travel

One issue you might run into while attempting to Fast Travel in Days Gone is that nearby infestations will block certain sites. You’ll need to clear them in order to unlock nearby fast travel points, so a good rule of thumb is to clear out Nests as you come across them, you’ll thank yourself later.

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