Where to Find Fuel in Days Gone

Where to Find Fuel in Days Gone

You’ll rarely go anywhere in Days Gone without your bike, and for that, you’ll need a lot of fuel. Here’s where to get it.

Days Gone is definitely more of a survival game than we were expecting, and commodities like scrap metal and fuel are extremely important to have a healthy stock of. Fuel in particular, can be extremely difficult to find, and you definitely do not want to be in a position where you run out. To help make sure you know where to look for fuel in Days Gone, we’ve put together this list of Days Gone fuel locations. We’ll take a look at the where to get fuel, so that you’re never left pushing your bike along the road while being pursued by Freakers.

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Where to Find Fuel in Days Gone

Days Gone takes place over a sprawling map with buildings to loot and cars to salvage. You’ll need to constantly be on the lookout for fuel while out on the road, as you’ll run out very quickly indeed while motoring around. Fuel is found in red cans, and must be transported and then transferred into your bike’s fuel. Here are all of the places you can find fuel in Days Gone:

  • Tow Trucks
  • Gas Pumps at gas stations
  • In the vicinity of NERO Checkpoints
  • Out near areas with a high concentration of buildings.

Best Place to Get Fuel

The absolute best way to get Fuel while out exploring in Days Gone is to find tow trucks along the main road. They are pretty much guaranteed to have red fuel cans in the back of them, and they’re very easy to find.

Gas up at a pump. | Jake Green/USG

How to Refuel at Gas Stations

One aspect of Days Gone that is not made very clear from the outset is that you can fill up your bike’s fuel tank. Just look out for Fuel icons on your map, drive up and press Circle. This will completely fill up your Fuel tank while out and about.

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