Monster Hunter World Zorah Magdaros Boss Guide - How to Take Down the Zorah Magdaros, One for the History Books Quest Guide

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From the very beginning of Monster Hunter World, you encounter the Zorah Magdaros, who it quickly transpires is a threat to all human life in the new world that the Fifth Fleet are venturing in to. In this Monster Hunter World Zorah Magdaros guide, we’ll be walking you through the One for the History Books quest, providing a detailed guide on how to take the huge beast down.

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Monster Hunter World One for the History Books Mission Guide

Big plans have been set in motion since the very start of Monster Hunter World to bring down the imposing Zorah Magdaros, and now the time is finally here to undertake the impossible. At the beginning of the One for the History Books mission, you’ll have to firstly have to select one of the placed weapons, either a ballista or a cannon, and load it up with the nearby ammunition.

Load the cannonballs into the cannons, and the oversized arrows into the ballista, and then take aim at the Zorah Magdaros. You can’t aim with the cannons, so you’ll have to press Circle/B to fire them when the Zorah Magdaros when it’s roughly in the firing line of the cannon, but you can aim manually with the ballista. Make sure to listen out for orders from the Field Commander, as when the Zorah Magdaros advances to near the barricade, he’ll instruct you to use the powerful ballista at the very top of the ramparts.

Load up the highest ballista with the One-Shot Blinder ammo nearby, and fire it to restrain the Zorah Magdaros. Now, head back down to the lower levels along the cliffs, and choose a cannon to load up and fire on the Zorah Magdaros. After a short while, the monumental beast will break through the barricades, bringing to you to the next stage of the One for the History Books quest.

Monster Hunter World Zorah Magdaros Boss Guide - How to Kill

You’re now back where you started Monster Hunter World quite some hours ago: on the back of the Zorah Magdaros. You’ll have now to target the glowing, spiky cores scattered around the back of the Zorah Magdaros with whatever weapons and equipment you brought with you. Keep targeting the cores, and they’ll eventually explode one by one, as you pursue then around the mini map in the bottom left of the screen.

Finally, you’ll eventually come to the final, biggest core you’ve seen so far, which is actually inside the Zorah Magdaros itself. Keep targeting this just like you have done before, and a cutscene will then play out, where a powerful Nergigante will land on the back of the Zorah Magdaros to face off against you and your fellow hunters.

The Nergigante boss fight isn’t a walk in the park, but you also don’t actually have to kill the monster to conclude the One for the History Books quest. Instead, simply keep dodging the swiping attacks of the beast and targeting its head and tail, and you’ll eventually bring on the next cutscene, where the Nergigante flies off.

This scene marks the end of the Monster Hunter World quest, as the Zorah Magdaros eventually breaks through the barrier and is set loose, and the Fifth Fleet are left in its wake.

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