Monster Hunter World Grimalkyne Guide - How to Complete the Coral Highlands Trouper Palico Quest, How to Unlock the Coral Orchestra

Grimalkyne Palico Tribes are featured in every region of Monster Hunter World, and you'll need to help them out if you want to obtain the rare Plunderblade for your Palico partner. We'll also be running over how to unlock the Flashily Cage, and the Plunderblade for you Palico.

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The Coral Highlands region of Monster Hunter World is home to the Trouper Grimalkyne Tribe, a group of Palicoes that have somehow mastered the ability to ride Shamos to their delight. In this Monster Hunter World Coral Highlands Grimalkyne guide, we’ll be going over how you can quickly help this unique Palico Tribe with their problems, as well as covering how to unlock the Coral Orchestra device for your own Palico to use.

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Monster Hunter World Coral Highlands Grimalkyne Tribe

The Grimalkyne Palico Tribe located in the Coral Highlands area are significantly more challenging than the previous two tribes found in the Ancient Forest and the Wildspire Waste, so get ready for a bit of a slog. Firstly, you can often find the three Grimalkynes patrolling around area 5 of the Coral Highlands, riding around on the back of Shamos.

At this point you can actually attack all the Shamos that the Palico Tribe are riding around on, and they’ll be just fine. After you’ve slain all three Shamos, chase the Tribe using the Scout Flies back to their camp in area 11 of the Coral Highlands, and they’ll give you the task of slaying two Tzitzi-Ya-Kus.

You can find both Tzitzi-Ya-Kus around the Coral Highlands map as usual, and you’ll have to defeat one after the other if you want to complete this Grimalkyne Tribe quest. The Tzitzi-Ya-Kus aren’t one of the toughest creatures in Monster Hunter World, but they will put up a fair fight, stunning the player with the blinding light from the fins on their head, which is a heavily telegraphed attack, so don’t worry about being caught off guard by it.

Monster Hunter World Coral Orchestra

It might take you a while to take down two Tzitzi-Ya-Kus, but once you’re done with the monsters, head back to where the Grimalkyne Tribe are camped out, and you can turn in the quest for a Coral Orchestra, enabling your Palico to mount a Shamos. This might at first seem like a small reward for taking down two considerably difficult and challenging monsters, but it means that whenever you’re adventuring around the Coral Highlands in the future, your Palico has a brand new means of transportation, allowing it to scout around and uncover all sorts of useful items for you.

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