CoD WW2 Zombies Darkest Shore Guide - Tips and Tricks, Blitz Upgrade Locations, Best Weapons, Mystery Box Locations

CoD WW2 Zombies Darkest Shore Guide - Tips and Tricks, Blitz Upgrade Locations, Best Weapons, Mystery Box Locations

Nazi Zombies are back in CoD WW2, and we've got all the tips and tricks you need to make it to the highest round possible, including all the Blitz Upgrade Locations, the best weapons, and how to build the Tesla Gun.

In the brand new CoD WW2 Resistance DLC, there's the new CoD WW2 Darkest Shore Zombies map, which marks the continuation of the story kicked off in the Final Reich map back when the game first launched. In this CoD WW2 Zombies Darkest Shore guide, we'll be going over the Blitz upgrade locations, as well as the best weapons for Darkest Shore Zombies.

In case you need anything on the base version of Nazi Zombies that shipped with Call of Duty: WW2 as standard back in November, head over to our CoD WW2 Final Reich Zombies guide, where you can find guides on how to restore the power, unlock the Pack-A-Punch machine, and more.

CoD WW2 Zombies Darkest Shore Guide

First of all, the Darkest Shore Zombies map is a lot smaller than the Final Reich map, and there are no true open areas, as the DLC map instead consists of winding corridors and tunnels. You'll start off on the beach, where a horde of zombies will rise up out of the water and rush your team. Make sure to use the MG42 turret located to the left on a barrel, and you'll deal with the zombies in no time.

The first of many barriers in the Darkest Shore Zombies map costs 750 Jolts, and leads into the island and away from the beach. After this however, all the barriers cost between 1,000 and 1,500 Jolts to unlock, so you'll need to be saving your points if you want to progress quickly. After you're through the second barrier and near the path along the cliff face, a heavy fog will descend upon the map, greatly restricting your view. This won't last for more than two rounds, but it's well worth purchasing the Type 100 sub-machine gun when you make it into the room just past the second barrier, as you'll want a decent weapon when dealing with zombies in the fog.

After this, the Darkest Shore Zombies map becomes a bit more open, as you've got a few different paths you can take. Eventually all paths converge near the upper Overlook area, where you can find the Mystery Box located in a courtyard, costing 1,000 Jolts to be used. You can either head back to where you purchased the Type 100 if you want to activate the power straight away (more on that below), keep heading along the cliffs if you want to buy a Blitz upgrade that'll give you an electrical attack every time you reload, or head inland, unlocking a barrier for 1,250 Jolts to reach the upper Overlook area.

How to Restore the Power in CoD WW2 Darkest Shore Zombies Map

Restoring the power is quite straightforward in the Darkest Shore Zombies map. From where you purchased the Type 100 after unlocking the second barrier, turn away from the cliff face, and unlock the barrier dead ahead, which will lead down a set of stairs to a corridor. To the left of the corridor is another set of stairs leading to a wrecked U-Boat, but to the right is the terminal just below, which you can activate in order to be well on your way to restoring the power.

The second power terminal is located right near the top of the map, near the Overlook area where you can first find the Mystery Box. From facing the Mystery Box in the courtyard, turn around and unlock the barrier ahead of you. Once you're in this new bunker, head into the room right next to you on the left, where you'll find the second power terminal. Simply activate the second terminal, and you've now got the ability to use the minecart for just 250 Jolts, as a form of fast travelling around the Darkest Shore map.

CoD WW2 Zombies Darkest Shore Blitz Upgrade Locations

The Blitz Upgrades are exactly the same as they were in the Final Reich map, but they're obviously scattered in different locations around the Darkest Shore map. The Blitz Upgrades include: increased weapon damage, faster reloading speed, increased sprint speed and stamina, an electrical attack on reloading, and increased melee weapon damage.

Just below, you can find a complete list of every Blitz Upgrade location in the Darkest Shore Zombies map, along with how many Jolts each one will set you back:

  • Increased weapon damage - From just outside Bunker 3 on the cliff path, turn left and head up the stone pathway. At the top of the path turn left, and the Blitz Upgrade will be waiting there for 2,000 Jolts.
  • Increased melee damage - From where the Mystery Box starts off, turn right and head to the area overlooking the coast. Now turn right again, unlock the barrier ahead of you, and the Blitz Upgrade will be there for 2,000 Jolts.
  • Increased sprint speed/stamina - No matter where you approach the Overlook area from, this Blitz Upgrade can be found just before you head through the small, narrow path to reach the Mystery Box, and is available for 2,000 Jolts.
  • Faster reload speed - This Blitz Upgrade is found just to the left of the stairs that lead down from Bunker 3 to the U-Boat, and is available for 3,000 Jolts.
  • Electrical attack on reloading - Finally, this Blitz Upgrade is available for 2,000 Jolts, and can be found by following the path on the cliff face all the way around until just before you reach Bunker 3.

CoD WW2 Zombies Darkest Shore Mystery Box Locations

As we previously mentioned, the Mystery Box can be found near the Overlook area of the Darkest Shore map, and will always cost you 1,000 Jolts, no matter where it vanishes to on the map. After a randomised amount of times of being used by players, the Mystery Box will disappear, respawning in one of several locations around the new Zombies map.

One location that the Mystery Box can disappear to is Bunker 3, back where you found the first terminal for activating the power. Even before that however, the Mystery Box can sometimes be found in bunker just up the stairs from Bunker 3, right where the Type 100 is available. There aren't many places that the Mystery Box can disappear to in the Darkest Shore, so your list of locations to check is relatively short.

CoD WW2 Zombies Darkest Shore Best Weapons

There are several guns we'd recommend players go for purchasing, as soon as you've saved up the Jolts for them. Here are the very best weapons that you can use in the CoD WW2 Darkest Shore Zombies DLC map:

  • M1941 - Can be found to the left of the Overlook area, and will cost you 1,500 Jolts.
  • STG44 - Found in the very same courtyard that the Mystery Box starts off in, and very close to the M1941, for the same price of 1,500 Jolts.
  • Combat Shotgun - Can be found in the narrow area just up from the cliff face, but before the Mystery Box starting location, for 1,000 Jolts.
  • MP40 - You can't go wrong with this weapon, which can be found at the top of the steep stone path leading up from Bunker 3, for 1,500 Jolts.

This brings an end to our CoD WW2 Darkest Shore Zombies guide, but head over to our Operation Shamrock and Awe event guide for all you need to know about the latest Community Event for Call of Duty: WW2.

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