Fortnite Rubber Duckies Locations - Where to Find the Ducks in Fortnite

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Search Rubber Duckies’ is one of the Fortnite Week 3 Challenges that all Battle Pass holders can undertake right now in the game, if you want to unlock some elusive Bronze Stars and bring yourself closer to earning new Battle Pass tiers. In this Fortnite Rubber Duckies locations guide, we’ll be walking you through where you can find the Rubber Duckies spread out across the Battle Royale map, letting you complete the challenge as quickly as possible.

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Fortnite Search Rubber Duckies Week 3 Challenge

The Rubber Duckies challenges in Fortnite Battle Royale is now live in game, as part of the slate of Fortnite Week 3 Challenges. You can see the full list of challenges just below, and if you need a helping hand on completing the six other tasks from this week, head over to our Fortnite Week 3 Challenges guide.

Fortnite Rubber Duckies Locations

All Fortnite Rubber Ducks

Just below, you can see the full list of Rubber Ducky locations so far in Fortnite Battle Royale, but keep in mind that if we uncover any additional ducks scattered around the map, we’ll be sure to update the list:

  • Fatal Fields - On the small stream in the north east.
  • Fortnite Rubber Duckies Locations
  • Fatal Fields - The second Fatal Fields Rubber Ducky is to the south, on the north shore of a small rectangular lake.
  • Loot Lake - In the north of the lake, you’ll find a pier, and the Rubber Duck can be found near a boat in the center of the pier.
  • Loot Lake - This time you'll want to go to the waterfall south of Loot Lake, where you can find a Rubber Ducky just behind some rocks.
  • Lonely Lodge - In the east of Lonely Lodge is a small pond with a hut nearby. The Rubber Ducky is on the shore of the pond next to a rock face.
  • Retail Row - One Rubber Ducky can be found in the northwest section of Retail Row, in a bathtub within a house.
  • Lucky Landing - Just to the north and slightly west of Lucky Landing itself, you can find a Rubber Ducky near an overturned Ice Cream Truck, which itself is right under a bridge.
  • Fortnite Rubber Duckies Locations
  • Moisty Mire - In the north part of Moisty Mire, there's a small hut in a swamp. You can find the Rubber Ducky just next to the pier, in the swamp.
  • Moisty Mire - The second Rubber Ducky in the area is in the south, in the middle of a small pond.
  • Snobby Shores - A Rubber Ducky can be located right in the sole pool in the area.
  • Tilted Towers - Between Snobby Shores and Tilted Towers, there's a small town with an indoor soccer pitch. You can find the Rubber Ducky in the west side of the building in some showers.
  • Flush Factory - Break down the pole underneath the large toile, and the Rubber Ducky is yours.
Fortnite Rubber Duckies Locations

We should mention that the Rubber Duckies you’re searching for in Fortnite Battle Royale aren’t big by any means, and they’re little more than the size of a standard chest. To claim one Rubber Ducky towards the total counter, you’ll need to hold E/X/Square to search it, before another player beats you to it.

Although the Rubber Ducky challenge in Fortnite Week 3 tasks you with searching ten Rubber Duckies in total, you don’t need to search ten in one match of Battle Royale. Therefore you can take as many games as you need, theoretically taking until the end of Season 4, since the challenges for each week stick around until the end of the season.

We might be all wrapped up with this guide for the various Rubber Ducky locations spread out across the Battle Royale map, but make sure to head over to our Fortnite Week 2 Challenges guide for information on how to complete past challenges, or our best Fortnite skins page for the top fifteen skins you can earn.

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