Fortnite Week 2 Challenges - Season 4

All the info on Fortnite Season 4, including the new Battle Pass price, skins and week 3 challenges.

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The Fortnite Week 2 Challenges are live right now as part of Fortnite Season 4, which launched just a week ago and heralded the arrival of brand new skins and events for you to unlock. In this Fortnite Week 2 Challenges guide, we’ll be walking you through how to complete the various week 2 challenges, including the potential rewards you can unlock once they’re completed.

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Fortnite Week 2 Challenges List

As you’ve probably come to expect by now if you’ve been following Fortnite’s Weekly Challenges for long enough, the Fortnite Week 2 Challenges for all Season 4 Battle Pass owners once again leaked slightly ahead of time thanks to a datamine. You can see the full list of all the various Fortnite Week 2 Challenges just below:

Firstly, you’ll want to head to Greasy Grove if you’re going to search seven chests in the named location on the map, but you don’t have to worry about successfully searching seven chests in a single match, as your progress to completing the challenge accumulates over however many games you need.

For the second challenge, you’ll need to consume three Hop Rocks, the new Fortnite Season 4 item that helps you temporarily defy gravity. These can be found all over the Battle Royale map, but they’re most commonly found in Dusty Divot, also known as the remains of the Dusty Depot from Season 3.

How Difficult Are the Fortnite Week 2 Challenges?

As ever with the Fortnite Weekly challenges, some are trickier than others. In this section we look at how difficult the Fortnite Week 2 challenges from Season 4 are, and give a few pointers on how to tackle them.

Suppressed weapons and film cameras are both going to be fairly difficult to find, but if you want a better chance of finding an elite suppressed weapon, you’ll want to search chests within a named location on the Battle Royale map. Although be warned that a lot of other players will have had the same idea. There aren’t many places where you can always find a film camera, but one of them can be found right near the giant dinosaur print.

Arguably the most difficult challenge on the Fortnite Week 2 slate is the challenge to ‘Search between a Scarecrow, Pink Hotrod, and a Big Screen’, leading you the point at which the Bronze Star treasure is located. This challenge could quite possible refer to the new area of Risky Reels on the map, but we’ll have to verify this for ourselves as soon as possible.

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