NBA 2K19 Ads - Can You Skip Ads in NBA 2K19?

NBA 2K19 Ads - Can You Skip Ads in NBA 2K19?

Here's how you can avoid the new unskippable ads in NBA 2K19.

Much to the ire of their player base, 2K has recently introduced a series of unskippable ads to NBA 2K19, well over half a year after the game came out. In this guide, we'll be going over one method we've uncovered to drastically cut down on the NBA 2K19 unskippable ads, so you can get back to playing and enjoying the game.

NBA 2K19 Unskippable Ads

At the time of writing, what happens now in NBA 2K19 is that when the game hits 100% loading, you're taken to an unskippable ad. Whereas before you would've been taken to the 'Edit Match Ups' screen on the game loading up, now you've got to sit through an in-game ad.

Over on Reddit, a mod has recommended turning off the 2K TV feature in NBA 2K19. As the NBA is now in the offseason, 2K TV isn't actually running, so there's no real purpose for the show being activated anyway. Although the mod does point out that if you want to watch 2K TV for the VC (virtual currency) reward, you can simply head to that section of NBA 2K19 in the menus.

But, this doesn't actually make the in-game ads for NBA 2K19 skippable. Instead, all this is doing is removing the chance that you'll see a snippet of 2K TV before you enter a game of NBA 2K19, instead of removing these new ads.

Can You Skip the Ads in NBA 2K19?

So at the time of writing, you can't actually skip these new ads within NBA 2K19. This is really unfortunate, and somewhat odd for 2K to add unskippable ads to the game well over half a year after the game launched back in September 2018.

We'll make sure to keep an eye on this situation. We'll be updating this guide if 2K either comments on the in-game ads, or if there's a more concrete solution to skipping the in-game ads.

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