Best Pokémon in Pokémon Sun and Moon

Best Pokémon in Pokémon Sun and Moon

Here's a listing of Alola's cream of the crop to help you build up the best team in Pokémon Sun and Moon.

The Alola region in Pokémon Sun and Moon is home to some pretty exotic fauna. Aside from seeing strange evolutionary quirks on familiar Pokémon, you can also expect to see a whole bunch of new critters. While it's easy to pick your favorites on looks alone, the real question is, which of the new Pokémon in Sun and Moon make good additions to your team? This Best Pokemon in Pokemon Sun and Moon guide will tell you just that!

This Best Pokemon guide recommends some of the fastest and strongest Pokémon in Pokémon Sun and Moon according to their base stats. Note that these aren't legendary Pokémon or Ultra Beasts; they're Pokémon that can, for the most part, be caught in the wild. If you're interested in more hints and tips, visit our Pokémon Sun and Moon guide.

The Best Pokémon in Pokémon Sun and Moon

Incineroar (Fire / Dark-type) -- We broke down Sun and Moon's starter Pokémon and determined Incineroar – the final evolution for Litten – is quite a physical powerhouse. It has the highest HP of all the final evolutions for the starter Pokemon, and its Attack and Defense are nothing to sneeze at, either. Incineroar's Speed and Special Attack are a bit lacking, but this hell-cat shouldn't have a problem folding opponents' faces.

Primarina (Water / Fairy-type) -- In many ways, the final evolution for Popplio is Incineroar's exact opposite. It's not a physically strong specimen, but its Special Attack and Special Defense are impressive. It also has the potential to be quite quick if it has a Neutral or Beneficial nature.

Mudsdale (Ground-type) – Mudsdale is as strong and imposing as it looks. Granted, it's slow and its Special Attack is nothing to write home about, but its high HP, high Attack, and high Defense make this muddy Clydesdale one intimidating piece of horsemeat. Just don't get it anywhere near Water, Ice, or Grass-types.

Toucannon (Normal / Flying-type) – Toucannon is worth a mention simply for the utter contempt for humanity it holds in its eyes, but it's also a sturdy companion Pokémon. It evolves from Pikipek, which should be one of the first Pokémon you catch on Alola. With some time and tender care, you should be able to raise a warrior-bird with a very mean Attack stat.

Crabominable – (Fighting / Ice-type) – Crabominable evolves from Crabrawler, so you already know its aching for a fight. Its low Special Attack means it can't take full advantage of its Ice-typing, but its Fighting-type moves can certainly punch holes in enemies thanks to its high Attack stat – especially if your Crabominable happens to have the Iron Fist ability, which powers up punches by 20%.

Wishiwashi School Forme (Water) -- By itself, Wishiwashi is a helpless anchovy. When it schools, however (which happens when it's level 20 and has more than 25% of its HP), Wishiwashi turns into a sea-demon with immensely boosted stats across the board. There's a catch, so to speak: Wishiwashi's school forme breaks up if its HP drops below 25%, and its base HP is low to begin with.

Salazzle (Poison / Fire) – This sultry lizard is capable of more than making players feel uncomfortable. Its high Special Attack means its Poison- and- Fire-type moves can be devastating. Coupled with its high speed, anyone who faces off against a Salazzle might find themselves face-down in the dirt before they knew the fight even started. Note that only female Salandit can become Salazzle: Male Salandit never evolve. Psst -- need help catching a female Salandit quickly?

Bewear (Normal / Fighting-type) – Alola's natives aren't messing around when they tell you to beware of Bewear. This deceptively cuddly ursine can withstand a lot of punishment thanks to its high HP, and it can deliver painful retaliation thanks to its high Attack. Can anything stop this fluffy monster? Well, its base Special Defense isn't hot, but getting its HP down to zero before it can strike back is no easy trick.

Golisopod (Bug / Water-type) – And over here we have Alola's answer to Gyrados (other than Gyrados, obviously). If you can find it in your heart to nurture the much-mocked Wimpod, it'll evolve into Golisopod at level 30. When that happens, woe to anyone who made fun of Wimpod. With its high Defense and decent Special Defense stats, Golisopod has more than enough physical power to withstand brutal attacks – and its high Attack lets it cut down foes with ease.

Kommo-o (Dragon / Fighting-type) – This regal island dragon has very solid stats all-around, though its base HP is a teensy bit on the low side. Its inherent abilities – Bulletproof, Soundproof, and Overcoat – also help protect it against status changes and / or instant death attacks. It also looks super-cool.

Mimikyu (Ghost / Fairy-type) - This adorable, creeping horror is one of Sun and Moon's most beloved additions to the larger Pokemon roster. Aside from its dark (but sympathetic) lore, Mimikyu is a tough target to hit. Its typing makes it immune to Normal, Fighting, and Dragon-based attacks, but more than that, its "Disguise" ability allows it to absorb the damage from one hit. Opponents who aren't prepared for a face-off against Mimikyu may find themselves in big trouble.

Now that you have an idea of what Alola's new Pokemon are capable of, find out how Z-Moves and Z-Crystals work, and how to build up the perfect team in Pokémon Sun and Moon. You also might want to learn how to find the elemental stones you need for evolving Pokemon.

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