How to Find and Catch a Ditto in Pokemon Sun and Moon

How to Find and Catch a Ditto in Pokemon Sun and Moon

Here's how you capture the versatile transforming Pokémon Ditto in Pokémon Sun and Moon.

Now that Pokémon Sun and Moon has been out for a couple of months, people are beginning to think about long-term competitive prospects, and that means a ton of breeding. That also means getting their hands on the Pokémon breeder's best friend, Ditto. This Pokemon Sun and Moon guide will teach you how to find and catch a Ditto.

The upside of Ditto is that it allows you more flexibility when you attempt to breed for any significant amount of time. Normally, you have to pair two Pokémon of a compatible egg group and the opposite gender, but Ditto basically acts as a wild card in any breeding activity, standing in for compatible egg group Pokémon as well as acting in the stead of a male when paired with a female. Budding Pokémon breeders always have a contingent of Ditto around to guarantee an egg's contents and keep breeding until a desirable nature or ability is imprinted on the new generation. This guide will detail where to find and capture Ditto so you can start your baby-making franchise on the right foot. And don't forget to visit our Pokémon Sun and Moon guide for more tips, hints, and walkthroughs!

Where to Find Ditto in Pokemon Sun and Moon

Ditto can be found on Ula'Ula Island, which is the third island you visit for the Island Challenge. Of course, you'll have to clear the first two, Mele'mele Island and Akala Island, before you can gain access to Ula'Ula. Once you arrive at the port of Malie City, the first city you get to on the island, follow the dirt path to the west until you find a bus stop. Take a bus up to Hokulani Observatory, then head south and find a patch of grass. This area is Ditto's Alolan habitat. Hokulani Observatory is where you take part in Sophocles's Island Trial, and you can explore Ditto's roadside home before or after defeating Sophocles.

How to Catch Ditto in Pokemon Sun and Moon

Catching a Ditto isn't terribly hard, as it's not that strong of a Pokémon to begin with. It starts out as a Normal-type, but will use the first turn to turn into whatever Pokémon is facing it. It doesn't end up mattering too much, but be careful who you use against a Ditto so you don't give it an ability or move that would hamper your ability to catch it. Regardless, you should use the usual tactics when capturing any Pokémon: status effects, depleting HP, and False Swipe. The latter is especially relevant here, as Ditto is, again, a weaker Pokémon, so one-hit KOing is a realistic problem. You can also attempt to capture one quickly by opening with a Quick Ball or even just chucking a bunch of Ultra Balls at one.

You can also trade for a Ditto using the GTS or import one from a previous version using the Pokémon Bank. For more tips on what Pokémon to transfer with the Pokémon Bank, check out Pokémon Sun and Moon: What Pokémon to Import with Pokémon Bank. Conspicuously, the one method you can't use to get a Ditto is through breeding and hatching one from an egg. Ditto belongs to an egg group with only one member: Ditto. More importantly, Ditto will never breed with another Ditto, making it impossible to breed your way to one.

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