Pokémon Sun and Moon: All Pokémon With Alola Forms

Pokémon Sun and Moon: All Pokémon With Alola Forms

Here's a list of all the Alola forms in Pokémon Sun and Moon, plus their new types.

Like most island ecosystems, Pokemon Sun and Moon's Alola region features some very unique creatures. Of particular note are certain Pokémon that boast "Alolan forms," new designs (and new typing) on familiar favorites. Some Alolan Pokémon are literally the polar opposite of their originals. Alolan Vulpix, for instance, is an Ice / Fairy-type, a big contrast to Kanto region's vanilla Fire-type Vulpix. This Pokemon Sun and Moon guide to Pokemon with Aloa Forms will tell you all you need to know.

Here's the good news: No matter what type of Pokémon you're up against, we can help you strategize with our Pokémon Sun and Moon guide.

Which Pokémon Have Alolan Forms in Sun and Moon?

Here are all the Pokémon that have Alolan forms in Pokemon Sun and Moon, plus their new typing.

Rattata - Dark / Normal (Read about the historic inspiration behind Alolan Rattata!)

Raticate - Dark / Normal

Raichu - Electric / Psychic

Sandshrew - Ice / Steel

SandSlash - Ice / Steel

Vulpix - Ice / Fairy

Ninetails - Ice / Fairy

Diglett - Ground / Steel

Dugtrio - Ground / Steel

Meowth - Dark

Persian - Dark

Geodude - Rock / Electric

Graveler - Rock / Electric

Golem - Rock / Electric

Grimer - Poison / Dark

Muk - Poison / Dark

Exeggutor - Grass / Dragon

Marowak Ghost / Fire

As stated above, Alolan forms of familiar Pokémon have new typing, so now's as good a time as any to learn how Z-Moves and Z-Crystals can help you. You might also want to learn which Pokémon Sun and Moon starter is the best and how to transfer Ash's Greninja from the Pokémon Sun and Moon Demo into the full game. You can also learn how to catch a female Salandit quickly.

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