Pokémon Sun and Moon Guide: Hints, Tips, and Every Detail

Pokémon Sun and Moon Guide: Hints, Tips, and Every Detail

Here's everything you need to know about Pokémon Sun and Moon for the Nintendo 3DS, including tips, hints, guides, team suggestions, and other details.

Pokémon games always drum up a good deal of excitement, but last summer's Pokémon GO phenomenon has done a lot to fuel anticipation for Pokémon Sun and Moon. This Pokemon Sun and Moon guide will give you all the info you need to become a master Pokemon trainer.

That's because Pokémon GO introduced a whole new audience to the wild world of Pokémon, and while some people undoubtedly deleted the app after wondering what the fuss is about, there are certainly new Mareeps in the flock (welcome!). If you want even more Pokemon Sun and Moon, you're un luck as Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon are coming later in 2017.

What is Pokémon Sun and Moon?

Pokémon Sun and Moon are the seventh generation of the mainline Pokémon games. This time you're tasked with catching 'em all in beautiful Alola, an island that emulates Hawaii with its climate, its culture, and even its biodiversity.

Pokémon Sun and Moon released worldwide for the Nintendo 3DS on November 18. Buy Pokémon Sun and Moon from Amazon.

Like Pokémon X and Y and Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, Pokémon Sun and Moon are 3D adventures with fully-animated battles. As a whole, Sun and Moon don't make any wild changes to the basic Pokémon formula: You catch Pokémon, you unleash them on opponents (both live and programmed), and you fill out your PokéDex while you learn more about your surroundings and the people living there. There's even a team of goons that are up to no good. In this instance, Team Skull will stymie your attempts to celebrate love and friendship through Pokémon.

Regardless of the similarities between Pokémon Sun and Moon and its predecessors going back to the very first Red and Blue, this Alolan adventure changes its single-player campaign a bit. For one thing, Gyms and Gym leaders are replaced by islands and Trial Captains who expect you to earn your badge by surmounting challenges and tasks.

What new features are in Pokémon Sun and Moon?

Ride-On Pokémon (Poké Rides) -- Pokémon Sun and Moon replaces Hidden Moves (HMs) with ride-on Pokémon capable of helping you overcome obstacles. For example, instead of teaching an Onix "Strength" to help you knock down obstructing boulders, you're gifted with a Tauros you can hop on and order to knock down obstacles. Similarly, you fly from place to place with a Charizard, swim between islands with a Lapras, and use a Mudsdale to walk across rocky areas.

Note that these Pokémon can't fight with you; you can only summon them to help you with navigation. Regardless, not having to use a move slot on an HM changes up Pokémon Sun and Moon's single-player campaign quite a bit.

Island Challenge Trials, Grand Trials, Totem Pokémon, and Kahunas -- The people of Alola are outdoorsy and prefer island challenges to the Pokémon series' traditional Gym battles. When you take an island challenge, the challenge's captain asks you to perform a task, e.g. taking pictures of certain Pokémon or finding certain items.

When you finish, you go up against a Totem Pokémon. Totem Pokémon are large, powerful versions of traditional Pokémon, and they can summon allies into battle.

Once the Totem Pokémon is felled, you're allowed to take on the Grand Trial, which has you fighting against the island's Kahuna. When you win, you're allowed to progress to the next island and the next set of trials.

Battle Royal -- Battle Royals are four-way Pokémon battles wherein four trainers pit their very best against each other. Multiplayer Pokémon battles have traditionally been one-on-one, so this new feature adds quite a bit of excitement to Pokémon's old fighting formula.

Picture-taking -- Pokémon Sun and Moon let you take pictures of Pokémon scattered throughout the Alola region (finally, a sequel to Pokémon Snap for the N64! Sort of!). You can upload your pictures to an Instagram-style message board where other characters can leave points and comments on your photos.

Hyper-Training -- Hyper-training gives Pokémon players a chance to upgrade the stats of a Pokémon that's reached level 100. A special item, the bottle cap, is necessary to perform hyper-training. Like Battle Royals, this is another new feature that changes the nature of Pokémon battles between live players.

What are the differences between Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon?

As is tradition in Pokémon games, there are differences between Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon. They're largely the same game, but there are still notable differences between the two:

Different wild Pokémon between the two versions -- Some wild Pokémon can only be caught in Sun or Moon. Anyone who's serious about filling out their PokeDex needs to trade between the two versions of the game. For instance, the monkey-like Passimian Pokémon can only be found in Pokémon Sun, whereas its counterpart, Oranguru can only be found in Pokémon Moon. Similarly, the games' Legendary Pokémon are exclusive to their respective versions. The lion Pokémon Solgaleo is exclusive to Pokémon Sun, and the bat Pokémon Lunagala is exclusive to Pokémon Moon.

Night and day -- The events of Pokémon Sun happen according to your Nintendo 3DS's clock. The events in Pokémon Moon, however, are set twelve hours ahead of your Nintendo 3DS's clock. So provided your clock is set properly, playing Pokémon Moon at 3 PM means the in-game events happen at 3 AM.

Different Totem fights -- Some Totem Pokémon differ between Pokémon Sun and Moon.

Different evolutions -- A game version can impact how certain Pokémon evolve. In Pokémon Sun, Rockruff evolves into the wolfish Midday Form of Lyanroc. In Pokémon Moon, it evolves into the bipedal, werewolf-like Midnight Form of Lycanroc.

What are Pokémon Sun and Moon Starter Pokémon?

Again, as per tradition, you get your choice of one of three starters in Pokémon Sun or Moon: The Fire-type Litten, the Grass / Flying-type Rowlet, and the Water-type Popplio.

  • Litten -- Litten is a black-and-white cat with a fiery personality. It evolves into the Fire-type Torracat, and in its final evolution it becomes the bipedal Fire / Dark-type Incineroar.
  • Rowlet -- Rowlet is a little bow tie-wearing owl. It evolves into the Grass / Flying-type Dartrix, and in its final evolution it becomes the Grass / Ghost-type Decidueye.
  • Popplio -- Popplio is a cute seal Pokémon. It evolves into the Water-type Brionne, and in its final evolution it becomes the Water / Fairy-type Primarina.

Pokémon Sun and Moon Guide

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Best Pokemon in Pokemon Sun and Moon
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