GTA After Hours - Nightlife DLC Update, DJs, PC Start Time, File Size

GTA After Hours - Nightlife DLC Update, DJs, PC Start Time, File Size

The GTA Online After Hours update will see the return of Gay Tony, and will allow players to run their very own nightclub, here’s everything we know so far.

GTA After Hours adds bustling nightlife into the game. It allows players to purchase nightclubs and run criminal enterprises through them. Gay Tony is back, there are new vehicles and clothes, and four real-life DJs are being brought in to provide the tunes. It's undoubtedly gonna be a good time, so we figured we'd collect all the info you need to know going in. We'll cover all of the new additions to the game that GTA After Hours brings, and give you a look at every trailer released so far.

GTA After Hours DLC Release Date

Thanks to a recent update from Rockstar Games, we now know exactly when we’ll get to play GTA Online After Hours. The Nightlife release date is July 24, for PS4, Xbox One and PC. The update is currently live for PS4, PC and Xbox One players. You can check out the full reveal trailer below:

GTA After Hours Gay Tony

The biggest news that has come from the After Hours reveal is that Gay Tony will be returning to the series. He is of course the star of the excellent GTA IV DLC The Ballad of Gay Tony. He will be a financier of sorts, allowing you to run all of your other businesses through your nightclub hub. It’s unclear as to how involved Gay Tony is in the game, so we will have to spend more time with the game.

GTA Online After Hours DJs

One of the coolest things that the GTA After Hours update adds is DJs. Players can sign DJs to work at their nightclubs, with real-life acts being added into the game. Solomun, Tale Of Us, Dixon and The Black Madonna all feature in the game, and will play original music at your whim. There could be more DJs available later down the line, but for now at least, it’s just the ones listed previously. For more info on the Nightclubs in the game, head over to our GTA After Hours Nightclubs Guide.

The Djs will be added into GTA After Hours over the course of the next few weeks. For a detailed release schedule, head over to our GTA After Hours DJs Guide.

GTA Online Nightclub Garage

As part of the new update, you’ll be able to use the huge garage located in your nightclub. It’ll serve as a main hub for storing your cars, and will no doubt help you role play the extravagant nightclub owner.

If you're going to be running a Nightclub, you'll need to look the part. For a look at all the new clothing in the GTA After Hours update, you can check out our GTA After Hours Clothes Guide.

GTA After Hours Price

Just like previous major updates to GTA Online, the After Hours DLC is completely free. You just need to load up GTA V and it'll start updating.

GTA After Hours DLC File Size

The GTA After Hours DLC is a pretty big update, adding in new vehicles, businesses and characters into the game. As such, it comes alongside a pretty large file size. It's 4.3 Gb, and can be downloaded now.

That’s everything we know about GTA After Hours. We’ll likely hear more as the release date draws closer, so we’ll make sure to keep this page updated. We've got a guide on some of the new vehicles that you can play around with in the After Hours DLC, head over to our GTA Online After Hours Vehicles Guide for more info. For more on GTA V, head over to our GTA V Cheats Guide.

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