Fire Emblem Three Houses Battalions - Where to Find the Captain's Quarters

Fire Emblem Three Houses Battalions - Where to Find the Captain's Quarters

Here's how to unlock Battalions in Fire Emblem Three Houses, and how to find the Captain's Quarters.

Battalions can really turn in the tide during combat in Fire Emblem Three Houses, but you're going to have to complete one quest in particular in order to unlock them. In this Fire Emblem Three Houses Battalions guide, we'll be walking you through where to find the Captain's Quarters in Fire Emblem Three Houses, which is part of the quest that will unlock the feature.

Fire Emblem Three Houses Battalions Explained

In Fire Emblem Three Houses, Battalions are optional units that characters can command in the heat of battle. When it's a character's turn that has a Battalion equipped, you can opt to use that Battalion in a special move on an enemy.

Every Battalion in Three Houses has unique abilities and attributes. For example, one Battalion might be able to unleash an attack that rattles foes, preventing them from moving on the next turn. Alternatively, a Battalion could have an attack move that pushes foes one tile away.

It's your job to uncover new Battalions in Fire Emblem Three Houses, and equip them to the appropriate characters for use. Read on for information on how to unlock the Battalions.

Where to Find the Captain's Quarters in Fire Emblem Three Houses

After you've completed your debut skirmish against the other two houses of Fire Emblem Three Houses, you'll be placed back into the Monastery in a free roam period. Head just south of where you start off, and Jeralt will have a quest for you.

Your quest objective from Jeralt is to find the Captain's Quarters. There isn't actually a map marker given for this quest, so Fire Emblem Three House figures you're going to have to explore a little bit in order to actually find the quarters.

But if you want to skip exploration a little, you can find the Captain's Quarters on the second floor of the Monastery. To get here, go to the northern end of the Reception Hall. When you've got the bridge ahead of you, turn left, and head down the corridor a very short way, to find a staircase leading to the second floor on your left.

You'll need to get to the second floor to find the Captain's Quarters. | Hirun Cryer/USG, Nintendo

When you're on the second floor, go forward into the open landing area. Now turn right, and head down the corridor. You should now see a glistening gold marker on your mini map in the top right corner of the screen, which is in a room to your left.

This room is the Captain's Quarters. Approach the item marker on the ground in the Captain's Quarters, and press A. You'll acquire the Tactic's Primer item, which will immediately unlock the Battalions option for you when you head into combat, and you'll have completed this quest from Jeralt.

Fire Emblem Three Houses Best Battalions

There's a lot to think about when you're picking and choosing which Battalions to assign to a fighter out in the field. For example, you'll want to assign a Battalion that focuses on close quarters combat to one of your fighters or warriors, while you'll probably want to give an archer or mage Battalion to an archer or mage.

But there are some Battalions that stand head and shoulders above all the rest, no matter who they're assigned to. In the table below, we'll outline the best Battalions in Fire Emblem Three Houses, as well as detailing their abilities, and who you should probably assign them to.

BattalionEffect/AbilityAssign to
Macuil Evil Repelling Co.Lightning magic over a wide areaFront line fighters and warriors
Black Eagle Pegasus Co.Allies counterattack when attacked from outside their usual rangeArchers and mages
Imperial GuardIgnites terrain in front of you in a wide areaFighters and warriors on the front lines
Empire RaidersAllies recover HP equal to half of damage dealtArchers and mages

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