Fire Emblem Three Houses Weapons - Best Relic Weapons, How to Repair Weapons, Get Rare Materials

Fire Emblem Three Houses Weapons - Best Relic Weapons, How to Repair Weapons, Get Rare Materials

Here's our full Fire Emblem Three Houses weapons guide, including how to repair weapons, all the best Relic weapons, and more.

It can be tough to get your hands on a reliable weapon in Fire Emblem Three Houses, but you're going to want to look far and wide to obtain some of the best weapons in the game. In this Fire Emblem Three Houses weapons guide, we'll be walking you through our list of the Fire Emblem Three Houses best weapons, as well as detailing how to repair weapons, and more.

Fire Emblem Three Houses Weapons

There are a few main categories of weapons in Fire Emblem Three Houses. There's swords, lances, bows, axes, and gauntlets, which are the main physical weapons of the game outside of the magic that characters can use. With each of these weapon categories, every character has a skill rating for that category, which governs the quality of weapons in that category that they can wield or use.

So for example, you'll need a B rank in swords to wield a silver sword. While you can purchase steel and silver variants of weapons from the Armory store in the Monastery, the Relic weapons stand head and shoulders above the rest.

The Sword of the Creator Relic weapon. | Hirun Cryer/USG, Nintendo

Fire Emblem Three Houses Best Relic Weapons

There's only one type of every Relic weapon available in a playthrough of Fire Emblem Three Houses. In the table below, we'll be detailing the full list of every Relic weapon we've found so far in Fire Emblem Three Houses, revealing all their unique bonuses, and how you can acquire each one.

Sword of the CreatorSwordHealing on attackUnlocked through story progress
ThrysusStaffBoosts effects of magic attacksComplete Land of the Golden Deer battle paralogue
Spear of AssalLanceBonus to Lance damageComplete Flayn and Seteth's battle paralogue
Caduceus StaffStaffBoosts effects of magic attacksComplete Flayn and Seteth's battle paralogue
FreikugalAxeBonus to Axe damageComplete A Divided World battle paralogue
Lance of RuinLanceCrest of Gautier-bearer can use Ruined Sky Combat ArtComplete Sylvain's The Forgotten battle paralogue
BlutgangSwordHealing on attackComplete the Forgotten Hero battle paralogue
Sword of BegaltaSwordHealing on attackComplete the Sleeping Sand Legend battle paralogue

Fire Emblem Three Houses Repair Weapons

In Fire Emblem Three Houses, your weapons are going to take a battering when you repeatedly use them in combat. No matter if you're not even using any Combat Arts, the durability meter of your weapons is still going to decrease, to the point where they can even break.

To repair weapons in Fire Emblem Three Houses, you're going to want to head to the Blacksmith. Note that you can only access the Blacksmith's store either before or after battle, but never during a fight. At the Blacksmith, you need to spend money and Smithing Stones to repair your weapons, and this is the only method of repairing weapons in the game.

Fire Emblem Three Houses Rare Materials

But at the Blacksmith there's another option: forge weapons. This doesn't mean creating new weapons, but rather bolstering the weapons you already have in your inventory. For example, you can upgrade a Steel Sword to a Steel Sword +, giving it a boost in durability and damage.

But to upgrade and reinforce weapons at the Blacksmith in Fire Emblem Three Houses, you're going to need to track down some rare materials. Below, we've compiled a list of the methods we have so far of finding rare materials.

  • Battle Paralogues - When you complete battle paralogues on Sunday that aren't related to main missions, you'll often be rewarded with rare materials for completing the battles.
  • Opening Chests - When you're in the middle of a battlefield, you'll sometimes see chests scattered around the map, usually near the edge of the area. Approach these chests and open them using a 'Chest Key' from your inventory, and they'll sometimes reward you with rare materials.
  • Side Quests - This is quite possibly the best method of obtaining rare materials in Fire Emblem Three Houses. While exploring the Monastery you can undertake side quests for characters with exclamation marks above them. These are usually short missions within the Monastery, and will often reward you with rare materials on completion.

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