Fire Emblem Three Houses Black Eagles - All Black Eagle Characters and Students

Fire Emblem Three Houses Black Eagles - All Black Eagle Characters and Students

Here's our guide to the Black Eagles house in Fire Emblem Three Houses, including all students and characters.

The Black Eagles are led by Edelgard, and are just one of the three available houses that you can side with in Fire Emblem Three Houses. In our Fire Emblem Three Houses Black Eagles guide, we'll be walking you through everything there is to know about this faction, including the leader Edelgard, and more.

Fire Emblem Three Houses Black Eagles

The Black Eagles house in Fire Emblem Three Houses specialize in the use of magic. Although their leader, Edelgard, carries around a huge axe with her in the prologue section of the game, the house is adept with magic in the heat of battle.

Meet Edelgard, leader of the Black Eagles. | Hirun Cryer/USG, Nintendo

The Adrestian Empire is where the Black Eagles faction hails from in Fire Emblem Three Houses. They're just one of the three powers vying for control of the land of Fodlan, which at the time of the game is in a state of peace.

Fire Emblem Three Houses Edelgard

Edelgard is the headstrong leader of the Black Eagles in Fire Emblem Three Houses. In battle, Edelgard is strong against swords, axes, and knights, but is weak against bows and magical attacks.

Students of the Black Eagles. | Hirun Cryer/USG, Nintendo

Edelgard's defining ability is called 'Imperial Lineage.' This unique trait multiplies all experience gained by 1.2%. We're not currently sure if this can be increased over the course of the game.

Fire Emblem Three Houses Black Eagle Characters

But what about the students studying under Edelgard? Below, you can find a complete list of all the students you'll be tutoring as a professor to the Black Eagles.

  • Hubert - This character has served under Edelgard since the two were children. Hubert's Officer Duty ability grants +5 Mt with Gambits.
  • Ferdinand - Hailing from a high ranking family in the Adrestian Empire, Ferdinand is a bit of a rival to Edelgard. His key ability is Confidence, which grants a boost of +15 to Avoid when Ferdinand is at full health.
  • Linhardt - He's fond of napping, and Linhardt can fall asleep at the drop of a hat. Catnap is Linhardt's unique ability, which allows him to recover 10% of max health if he does nothing but wait on his turn.
  • Caspar - Caspar is headstrong, but eager to prove himself, coming from a family of nothing within the Adrestian Empire. The Born Fighter ability penalizes adjacent foes with -10 to Avoid during battle.
  • Bernadetta - A bit of a recluse, Bernadetta is a bit eccentric. Her Persecution Complex ability grants her +5 to Attack, whenever she's not at full health.
  • Dorothea - Dorothea is a songstress from a famous opera company within the empire. Her Songstress ability causes adjacent allies to recover +10% of maximum health at the start of every turn.
  • Petra - Petra is the granddaughter of a king from the land of Brigid, which is a vessel state of the Adrestian Empire. Her Hunter's Boon ability grants +20 to critical hit chance when her health is lower than 50%.
All members of the Black Eagles house. | Hirun Cryer/USG, Nintendo

Fire Emblem Three Houses Black Eagles Strengths and Weaknesses

Every student in Fire Emblem Three Houses has strengths and weaknesses. In the table below, we'll be going over the strengths and weaknesses of every student in the Black Eagles faction in the game.

EdelgardSwords, Axes, KnightsBows, Spells
HubertBows, SpellsAxes, Spells, Flying
FerdinandSwords, Spears, Axes, KnightsN/A
LinhardtSpellsAxes, Unarmed
CasparAxes, UnarmedBows, Spells
BernadettaSpears, BowsSwords, Axes, Unarmed, Knights
DorotheaSwords, SpellsSpells, Knights, Flying
PetraSwords, Axes, Bows, FlyingSpells

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