Fire Emblem Three Houses Budding Talent - How to Unlock Budding Talents for All Students

Fire Emblem Three Houses Budding Talent - How to Unlock Budding Talents for All Students

Here's our complete guide explaining the Budding Talents aspect of Fire Emblem Three Houses.

Budding talent is an aspect of Fire Emblem Three Houses that's pretty easy to miss, but you're going to want to take advantage of it while you're teaching your students. In this Fire Emblem Three Houses budding talent guide, we'll be explaining everything there is to know about the way that the talent system works.

Fire Emblem Three Houses Budding Talent

In Fire Emblem Three Houses, it's up to you as Byleth to instruct your students, advancing their skills by providing them with XP in lessons. You can opt which skill categories to grant lesson XP with each individual student, such as boosting their skill levels for things like swords, axes, lances, magic, and more.

But when you sometimes go to select a skill category to teach with a student, you might see three small stars appear to the right of the category listing. This denotes 'Budding Talent,' which signals a skill category that the character could be exceptionally talented in, if you're willing to put in the time and effort to train them.

If you want to unlock Budding Talent for a character, you need to repeatedly train that character in their Budding Talent skill category. So for example with Claude, you'd need to repeatedly train the Golden Deer leader in the axes category, until all three of the stars next to the skill category have been filled (it's not entirely clear how many teaching periods this takes.

Fire Emblem Three Houses Budding Talent Bonuses

But, once the three stars have been filled out, the Budding Talent skill for that character will be unlocked for the rest of the game. Below, we've rounded up all the Budding Talent skill categories for every available character in Fire Emblem Three Houses. We'll be noting the corresponding Budding Talent skill for each character, as well as detailing the unique ability or bonus that will be granted to the character when you max out the three Budding Talent stars.

CharacterBudding TalentUnlock
BylethFaithGrants +20 to Avoid while using white magic
ClaudeAxeGrants Diamond Axe, an attack that deals bonus Might damage
EdelgardReasonGrants 10+ to Critical while using black magic
DimitriRidingIf Dimitri damages an enemy, they suffer -1 to movement for the next turn
IgnatzReasonIf Ignatz damages an enemy, they suffer -6 Strength for the next turn
LysitheaSwordGrants +20 to Avoid while using white magic
HildaHeavy ArmorIf Hilda damages an enemy, they suffer -6 to Speed for the next turn
MarianneLanceGrants Frozen Lance, a strong magic attack that deals bonus damage based on Marianne's Dexterity
FlaynReasonIf Flayn damages an enemy, they suffer -6 Magic for the next turn
HubertLanceGrants Frozen Lance, a strong magic attack that deals bonus damage based on Hubert's Dexterity
FerdinandHeavy ArmorIf Ferdinand damages an enemy, they suffer -6 to Speed for the next turn
BernadettaRidingAllows Bernadetta to pass through enemies while moving
DorotheaFaithGrants +20 to Avoid while using white magic
FelixReasonGrants +10 to Avoid while using black magic
AsheLanceIf Ashe damages an enemy, they suffer -5 Defense for the next turn
SylvainReasonGrants +20 to Avoid while using black magic
MercedesBowGrants Waning Shot, an attack that penalises foes' Strength by -5

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