Fire Emblem Three Houses Byleth - Should You Pick Male or Female Byleth?

Fire Emblem Three Houses Byleth - Should You Pick Male or Female Byleth?

Here's our guide to Byleth in Fire Emblem Three Houses, the main player character.

At the very beginning of Fire Emblem Three Houses, you're going to be given the choice between a male or female protagonist. The protagonist is known as Byleth, and you, unfortunately, can't customize them beyond picking a gender. In our Fire Emblem Three Houses Byleth guide, we'll be providing you with all the information you need to know when you go to choose between a male or female protagonist.

Fire Emblem Three Houses Byleth

Once the opening, and very impressive, cutscene for Fire Emblem Three Houses is over, you'll be introduced to a mysterious new character with green hair, atop a throne of sorts. This character will then ask you to select a form, where you're given the option of going with either a male or female Byleth.

Here's Byleth, your playable character. | Hirun Cryer/USG, Nintendo

Should You Pick Male Or Female Byleth?

If you're worried that picking one gender will gate you off from content in Fire Emblem Three Houses, then fear not. The choice of gender is for appearance only, and your protagonist doesn't even have a voice throughout the game.

Unfortunately, there's no character customization in Fire Emblem Three Houses beyond picking a gender. Once you've opted for either the male of female Byleth, you'll be given only the option to rename your character.

Finally, you'll be given the option to pick your birthday. There's nothing revolving around the day you were born in Fire Emblem Three Houses, but every month in the game falls under a different moon. We'll list out all the months and their corresponding moons below.

  • 1 - Guardian Moon
  • 2 - Pegasus Moon
  • 3 - Lone Moon
  • 4 - Great Tree Moon
  • 5 - Harpstring Moon
  • 6 - Garland Moon
  • 7 - Blue Sea Moon
  • 8 - Verdant Rain Moon
  • 9 - Horsebow Moon
  • 10 - Wyvern Moon
  • 11 - Red Wolf Moon
  • 12 - Ethereal Moon

Be warned though that there's no changing the decisions you make in this introductory section. You cannot change either your gender or your character name in the rest of Fire Emblem Three Houses, so make sure you're satisfied with your choice of gender and name before proceeding into the rest of the game.

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