Fire Emblem Three Houses Golden Deer - All Golden Deer Characters and Students

Fire Emblem Three Houses Golden Deer - All Golden Deer Characters and Students

Here's our guide to the Golden Deer house in Fire Emblem Three Houses, including all students, and other characters.

Claude is the laid back leader of the Golden Deer house in Fire Emblem Three Houses. In this complete guide to the Fire Emblem Three Houses Golden Deer, we'll be providing you with an overview of the faction, including Claude's unique abilities and traits, a list of students, and more.

Fire Emblem Three Houses Golden Deer

Unlike the other two houses, the Golden Deer represents an alliance in Fire Emblem Three Houses, rather than a straight kingdom. The Leicester Alliance is comprised of several minor regions, which have grouped together to rival the Adrestian Empire and the Kingdom of Faerghus in power.

Meet students of the Golden Deer. | Hirun Cryer/USG, Nintendo

In the Monastery, Claude is the leader of the Golden Deer. The faction specializes in ranged weaponry, so if it's archers you favor, you'll be at home with the Golden Deer.

Fire Emblem Three Houses Claude

As soon as you meet Claude in Fire Emblem Three Houses, you know he's more laid back than either Edelgard or Dmitri. While the other two are vying for control of your character in the opening prologue, Claude is more jokey and chill about the entire thing, trying to entice you with his charm and wit.

Claude, leader of the Golden Deer. | Hirun Cryer/USG, Nintendo

In combat, Claude specializes in ranged weaponry, just like the rest of the Golden Deer faction. He's strong against swords, bows, and flying units, but he's weak against both spears and spells up close.

Fire Emblem Three Houses Characters

Claude might be the leader of the Golden Deer, but there's a bunch of students under his tutelage. In the list below, we've detailed all the students that you'll be teaching if you side with the Golden Deer.

  • Lorenz - A little bit arrogant, Lorenz fancies himself as an adept lover. His Distinguished House ability grants him 2 extra damage if he's in a formation with another unit.
  • Raphael - A pretty cheery guy, Raphael hails from a merchant family in the Leicester Alliance. His ability is Goody Basket, which gives Raphael a chance to recover up to 10% of his maximum health at the start of every turn.
  • Ignatz - Another son of a merchant family, Ignatz is training to become a knight. The Watchful Eye ability gives Ignatz +20 chance to hit.
  • Lysithea - The youngest of all the students, Lysithea has quite the temper. Her Mastermind ability grants double XP from all battles.
  • Marianne - This student is a recluse, and not even Claude knows much about her. Her Animal Friend ability gives her back 20% of maximum health at the start of every turn, but only when she's adjacent to a cavalry or flying unit.
  • Hilda - Quite possibly the laziest student in the Monastery, at least according to Claude, is Hilda. The Advocate ability gives adjacent male allies 3 extra damage during combat.
  • Leonie - Leonie's entire village saved up for her to come to the Monastery, and she's saving to repay them. If a male ally is adjacent to Leonie, the unit deals 2 extra damage and takes 2 less damage during combat.

Fire Emblem Three Houses Golden Deer Strengths and Weaknesses

We've listed out the students of the Golden Deer house, but what about their combat prowesses? In the table below, you can find a complete chart of the strengths and weaknesses of every member in the Golden Deer.

ClaudeSpears, Spells, KnightsUnarmed
LorenzBows, SpellsAxes, Spells, Flying
RaphaelSwords, BowsFlying
IgnatzSpellsAxes, Unarmed
LysitheaSpellsdSwords, Spears, Axes, Knights
MarianneSwords, Spells, Cavalry, FlyingUnarmed, Knights
HildaSpears, AxesSpells
LeonieSpears, Bows, CavalryN/A

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