How to Recruit Every Student in Fire Emblem Three Houses

How to Recruit Every Student in Fire Emblem Three Houses

Here's our guide covering Fire Emblem Three Houses recruitment, including recruiting students, teachers, and more.

Although you pick one house in Fire Emblem Three House, you can recruit students and teachers from other houses to join your cause for the whole game. In this Fire Emblem Three Houses recruitment guide, we'll be providing you with a complete walking of how to recruit students and teachers in Three Houses, as easily as possible.

How to Recruit Every Student in Fire Emblem Three Houses

In the table below, you can find all the recruitment requirements for every available student. In the middle column, you'll be able to see the skills and attributes that you'll need to improve on with Byleth, in order to impress the student enough for them to join your house.

Student/TeacherRecruitment RequirementsHouse
AnnetteMagic, FaithBlue Lions
AsheCharisma, LanceBlue Lions
BernadettaStrength, BowBlack Eagles
CasparStrength, BrawlBlack Eagles
DorotheaCharisma, AuthorityBlack Eagles
FelixSpeed, SwordBlue Lions
FerdinandDexterity, Heavy ArmorBlack Eagles
IngridDexterity, FlyingBlue Lions
LeonieStrength, LanceGolden Deer
LinhardtMagic, ReasonBlack Eagles
LorenzCharisma, ReasonGolden Deer
LysitheaMagic, FaithGolden Deer
MercedesMagic, BowBlue Lions
RaphaelStrength, Heavy ArmorGolden Deer
PetraDexterity, RidingBlack Eagles
SylvainCharisma, RidingBlue Lions

How to Recruit Students

No matter which house you pick from in Fire Emblem Three Houses near the start of the game, you can whisk certain students away from their house to join your cause. To attempt to recruit a student, you need to be exploring the Monastery during your free time on Sundays.

Seek out students while exploring the Monastery. | Hirun Cryer/USG, Nintendo

Now, walk up to the student you wish to recruit, and engage them in conversation. At the end of the small talk, you'll be given the 'Recruit' option, but there's criteria you must first satisfy for every student you want to recruit. For example if you want to recruit Annette to your house, you'll need to have levelled up Byleth's Magic and Faith attributes to the amount that Annette deems fit.

Recruiting Students Without Increasing Attributes

But there's actually a trick to overriding these required attributes. If you can increase your support level with a student to rank A, they'll join your house without you having to meet their required attributes. You can boost up your support level with a unit (no matter if they're in your house or not), by engaging with them in activities, as we've listed below:

  • Sharing a meal
  • Cooking
  • Choir practice
  • Fighting alongside them
  • Giving them gifts
  • Faculty training from them

Note that recruiting a student to your house is strictly a limited offer. If, upon requesting a student to join your house, you actually back out of recruiting them, you've unfortunately missed your sole chance to recruit them. So remember to commit to recruiting a student, and don't leave them hanging once you've initiated the conversation.

Best Students to Recruit

But what about if you're particularly pressed for time in your playthrough of Fire Emblem Three Houses, and you've only got time to recruit one student? We've outlined the single best student to recruit from each of the three houses just below.

  • Petra, Black Eagles - Excellent in dexterity and riding skills, Petra is a great ally if you can upgrade her into a Falcon Knight. She'll be able to zip around the battlefield with a variety of weapons.
  • Raphael, Golden Deer - If ever there was a person suited to be a tank, Raphael is that person. Concentrate Raphael's goals on heavy armor and unarmed attacks, and you'll be able to upgrade him to at least a Fortress Knight and provide him with Silver Gauntlets, making Raphael unstoppable.
  • Ingrid, Blue Lions - Another great option for a speedy character is Ingrid, who you can quite easily upgrade to be another Falcon Knight.

That’s all we have so far on this subject. For more help with Fire Emblem Three Houses be sure to head over to our guide on the Dancer Class. Elsewhere you can also take a look at our Fire Emblem Three Houses Review. For a look at who to give Lost Items to, head here.

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