Fire Emblem Three Houses: How to Get a Perfect Tea Party With All Characters

Fire Emblem Three Houses: How to Get a Perfect Tea Party With All Characters

Here's our complete Fire Emblem Three Houses tea guide, walking you through how to hold the perfect tea party in Three Houses.

You can host a special tea party in Fire Emblem Three Houses with almost any character in the Monastery, which provides you with an opportunity to increase your friendship with them. In our Fire Emblem Three Houses tea guide, we'll be taking you through everything you need to do in order to get the perfect tea party with a host of characters, including Edelgard, Dorothea, Petra, Bernadetta, and more.

Tea Parties

In Fire Emblem Three Houses, one activity available to you while you're exploring the Monastery in a free roam period is tea time. To undertake this activity, you need to approach a character and speak to them. Then select the 'invite to tea' option, and if they haven't got much going on, they'll accept the invite and a Three Houses tea party is about to begin.

Now you'll be placed in a one-on-one scenario with them. Firstly, you need to choose a blend of tea to present them with, based on the tea leaves you've acquired so far playing Fire Emblem Three Houses. There aren't really any wrong answers here, as every character in the game will accept any tea you present them with. Basically, the better quality tea leaves, the better the conversation.

Select some tea leaves to kick things off during a tea party in Three Houses. | Hirun Cryer/USG, Nintendo

Which leads us to the next part of a tea party. After presenting the character with tea, you'll engage in three bouts of conversation options with them. For each of these three instances, you'll be presented with three conversation topics on screen, and asked to select one before the timer in the top right corner runs out.

The difficulty here is knowing which dialogue option to select. It's your job to decide what topics of conversation best suit the character that you've invited to tea. For example, Raphael from the Golden Deer house is always keen to talk about weight lifting and training, but he won't be so enthused by topics like studying.

Select the correct topic of conversation for each character. | Hirun Cryer/USG, Nintendo

After the three instances of choosing a topic to talk about, you'll get a rating based on your performance. Ratings of 'nice tea time' or 'perfect tea time' will cause the motivation levels of the character you invited to rise, as well as giving a boost to their support level with you. Anything less than this, however, will result in no bonus for them.

Tea Party Answers

Considering what a minefield choosing topics of conversation can be, we can lend a helping hand. Below, we've rounded up all the characters we've invited to a tea party so far in Fire Emblem Three Houses, to present you with a list of all the correct Fire Emblem tea party answers.

CharacterTea Party Correct Answers
AloisI'm counting on you, equipment upkeep, past laughs
AsheShareable snacks, a place you'd like to visit
BernadettaA word of advice, you're doing great work, favorite sweets
CasparFood, plans for the future, someone you look up to
CyrilYour ambitions, gardening mishaps
DorotheaThings you find romantic, cute monks
EdelgardEquipment upkeep, a new gambit
FerdinandEvaluating allies, heart-racing memories, dining partners
FlaynThe library's collection, dreamy knights, perfect recipes
HannemanA place you'd like to visit, likeable allies
HildaDreamy knights, things you find romantic
HubertMonastery rules, Monastery mysteries, successful plots
IgnatzYou seem well, first crushes
IngridThings you find romantic, the ideal professor, favorite sweets
LeonieYou're doing great work, classes you might enjoy, monastery mysteries
LinhardtThe art of napping, cats, gifts you'd like to receive
LorenzCute monks, the ideal professor, evaluating allies, shareable snacks, thanks for everything
LysitheaThe library's collection, a dinner invitation, the thrill of sweets, working together
MarianneMonastery rules, overcoming weaknesses, the existence of Crests
PetraSwimming in the ocean, someone you look up to
ShamirEquipment upkeep, reliable allies,
SylvainFavorite sweets, potential training partners, first crushes

But it's not over for your tea party in Fire Emblem Three Houses once you've picked three conversation topics. If you've picked the best three conversation options available, the character you're having a tea party with will give you a small follow up dialogue line.

Pay close attention to this final line of dialogue. After this, you'll need to choose the appropriate response to what they've just said. You could be presented with options to either 'laugh,' 'nod,' or 'encourage' here, and it's your job to match the appropriate response to what the character has just said.

For example, if Bernadetta has said something along the lines of coming out of her shell more (as she often does), then you should try and pick an option to 'encourage' or 'commend' her for trying. Do this, and you'll have scored yourself a 'Perfect' rating on your tea party, which hugely increases not only your support rank with the character you're sharing tea with, but also Byleth's Charm rating.

How to Unlock Tea Time

Unlike the other two activities listed on this page, tea time isn't available to be unlocked until the second full month of Fire Emblem Three Houses. When you're in the month of Blue Sea Moon, explore the Monastery at the first opportunity.

You'll now have a quest marker over in the stables, which will be for Ferdinand. Approach and talk to Ferdinand, and he'll task you with finding and someone who is a big fan of tea, and giving them the fancy tea set he's just provided you with.

Deliver the tea set gift to the character to complete the quest. | Hirun Cryer/USG, Nintendo

Now bring up your map by pressing R. You'll now be able to see who the character is that the game wants you to deliver the tea set to. We believe this changes depending on which house you're allied to, but it's worth noting that Lorenz was our designated character to deliver the tea set to, while we were in the Black Eagles house.

Once you've delivered the tea set to Lorenz or another character as a gift, you'll have immediately completed the quest from Ferdinand. At this point, you've successfully unlocked tea time as an activity around the Monastery. You can now have a lovely Tea Party with characters in Fire Emblem Three Houses.

How to Get Tea Leaves

Well it wouldn't be a tea party without any tea. Tea leaves don't come automatically to you in Fire Emblem Three Houses, and you're instead going to have to accumulate tea leaves that you can then offer to other characters during tea time. You can obtain new tea leaves from the Eastern Merchant or the Western Merchant in the market area of the Monastery. Just below, we've compiled a list of all the tea leaves they sell, including star rating out of five, and price.

  • Sweet Apple Blend - Two stars, costs 500 G.
  • Albinean Bery Blend - Two stars, 500 G.
  • Southern Fruit Blend - Two Stars, 500 G.
  • Mint Leaves - Two stars, 500 G.
  • Almond Blend - Two stars, 500 G.
  • Ginger Tea - Two stars, 500 G.
  • Angelica Tea - Two stars, 500 G.
  • Almyran Pine Needles - Three stars, 1,000 G.
  • Crescent-Moon Tea - Three stars, 1,000 G.
  • Honeyed-Fruit Blend - Three stars, 1,000 G.
  • Lavender Blend - Three stars, 1,000 G.
  • Chamomile - Three stars, 1,000 G.
  • Bergamot - Four stars, 1,000 G.
  • Rose Petal Blend - Four stars, 1,000 G.
  • Four-Spice Blend - Four stars, 1,000 G.

That’s all we have so far on this subject. For more help with Fire Emblem Three Houses be sure to head over to our guide on the Dancer Class. Elsewhere you can also take a look at our Fire Emblem Three Houses Review. For a look at who to give Lost Items to, head here.

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