Dragon Ball FighterZ Zeni Guide - How to Earn Zeni Quickly, How to Unlock New Character Skins, Z Capsules Guide

Dragon Ball FighterZ Zeni Guide - How to Earn Zeni Quickly, How to Unlock New Character Skins, Z Capsules Guide

Here's everything you need to know to master Dragon Ball FighterZ, including a guide to the control scheme for the game, as well as a story mode guide.

In Dragon Ball FighterZ, the main currency of Zeni functions as the primary reward for beating opponents in battle, and also for completing tasks on the Quest List. In this Dragon Ball FighterZ Zeni guide, we’ll be walking you through how to earn Zeni quickly, as well as detailing everything you can earn from Z Capsules, such as character skins.

If you instead need anything else to do with Dragon Ball FighterZ, including a general beginner’s guide for the game, as well as a character roster overview, head over to our Dragon Ball FighterZ guides walkthrough hub.

How to Earn Zeni Quickly in Dragon Ball FighterZ

In Dragon Ball FighterZ, the currency of Zeni is quickly introduced as a way to pay for Z Capsules in the lobby area. Zeni is the primary reward for winning battles, or completing any objectives that are currently active in the Quest List tab of the pause menu of the game.

But what’s the best way to earn Zeni quickly? Since Z Capsules are the primary way in which you unlock new Dragon Ball FighterZ character skins and other collectibles like Z Stamps, you need to earn Zeni to buy Z Capsules. At the very beginning of Dragon Ball FighterZ, as soon as you’re loaded into the lobby for the first time, simply speak to every vendor in the lobby area, and you’ll be rewarded with 2,000 Zeni for “trying out” what they have to offer, being it a mode or a shop.

After this, Zeni gets slightly more scarce. You’ll earn 300 Zeni for each tutorial mission you complete, and we’d highly recommend blasting your way through each tutorial practice mission, as they usually take less than a minute to complete and can help familiarise you with the main mechanics of the game. This is far more effective than taking on a local battle, which will earn you the exact same amount of 300 Zeni, but take at least double the time to complete.

Outside of the tutorials, you’ll have to grind out some Zeni for every Story Mode and online Dragon Ball FighterZ match you complete. You’ll earn Zeni for every match you complete, whether you lose or win, and so the most effective way of earning Zeni once you’ve completed the tutorials of the game is simply to dive straight into the action.

Dragon Ball FighterZ Z Capsules Guide

Now that you know how best to go about earning Zeni quickly in Dragon Ball FighterZ, you can get to purchasing some Z Capsules. To spend your hard earned Zeni, head to the vendor in the lobby area on the left, to the left of the Kame House, and you’ll have the opportunity to purchase either one Z Capsule for 1,000 Zeni, or ten Z Capsules for 10,000 Zeni.

For each Z Capsule you purchase, you’ll be given an entirely randomised item. It could be a new lobby character for you to show off, such as the Police version of Krillin, or the Gold version of Frieza, or it could be a new Z Stamp, which act as emotes in the lobby area of Dragon Ball FighterZ. Every new item that you obtain through a Z Capsule is given a star rating out of five, which you can use to determine whether the new item you obtained is a rare find, or common.

However, if you obtain a duplicate of an item you already have when you open a Z Capsule, you’ll be given a single Z Coin. If you manage to obtain ten Z Coins, you can select to unlock a single item of your choice from the Shop Reception vendor. This can be any one item of your choice, which means that if you’ve had your eye on a particular lobby character or Z Stamp, you can outright purchase it with ten Z Coins in this way, although ten Z Coins might take you a while to come by.

This concludes our Dragon Ball FighterZ Zeni guide, but why not continue to our Dragon Ball FighterZ controls guide for the game, where we’ll teach you how to block incoming enemy attacks, as well as how to change characters in the middle of battle.

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