Mario Kart Tour Ranking - How to Unlock Online Ranks

Mario Kart Tour Ranking - How to Unlock Online Ranks

Here's how to unlock ranks and get your friend code in Mario Kart Tour.

There might not be the option to play with your friends online in Mario Kart Tour just yet, but that doesn't mean you can't compete against them. In this Mario Kart Tour ranking guide, we'll be detailing how you can unlock the online ranking system in Nintendo's new mobile game, as well as finding your friend code so you can compete against your friends.

Mario Kart Tour Ranking

As you'll probably know by now, Mario Kart Tour races are filled with AI-controlled opponents that you're competing against. You're going to be racing through different Yoshi Cups against bots, but it's once you've completed some of these Yoshi Cups, that the ranked option for Mario Kart Tour will unlock.

You need to reach the Koopa Troopa Cup in order for ranks to unlock. This is the third cup that you're going to unlock, and it requires 48 stars in total to unlock. But this Koopa Troopa Cup is the first cup in Mario Kart Tour that is ranked.

Your rank in Mario Kart Tour is based on two things: your cup score, and your total overall score from all the cups combined. You'll be competing against 19 other players in one rank, and the ranking points are reset on a weekly basis.

The rewards at the end of each week in the ranked system are based on your score. The higher up in the league you rank at the end of the week, the more Coins and Rubies you can potentially be rewarded with.

How to Get Your Friend Code

To unlock your friend code in Mario Kart Tour, you need to have unlocked the Koopa Troopa Cup. When this cup unlocks, you can head back to the main menu of the game, to find that the 'Friends' option at the menu is now available.

Now all you need to do is head into this 'Friends' menu option, and you'll immediately see your friend code. Simply get your friends to input your friend code in the same area of Mario Kart Tour, and they'll have added you as a friend.

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