Are There Romance Options in The Outer Worlds?

Are There Romance Options in The Outer Worlds?

Does Obsidian's The Outer Worlds have romance options available?

Obsidian's The Outer Worlds is out right now, following in the footsteps of games like Fallout New Vegas and other classic RPGs. The Outer Worlds really places the focus on characters, with excellent writing and world-building, so it's no surprise that players are wondering whether there are any actual romance options in the game.

The Outer Worlds: Are There Romance Options?

Unfortunately, there are no romance options in The Outer Worlds. Although you can recruit Companions to join your crew aboard The Unreliable, there's no way you can engage in any sort of serious relationship with them.

Although you can flirt with them pretty openly, the conversation never becomes anything more meaningful. For example, you can tell Ellie during conversation that you wish that the two of you could become closer somehow (no matter which gender character you're playing as). Sadly, Ellie just rebuffs this with a simple "let's not make this weird" phrase.

You can't romance any characters in The Outer Worlds, but you can complete Companion-specific quests if you want to get to know your crew a little better. When a Companion character has been aboard The Unreliable for a little while, usually around an hour, you'll find them hanging about the exit doors as you go to disembark on a planet.

Approach them, and they'll ask you if you'd care to embark on a location-specific mission with them. For example, when you reach the Groundbreaker, the massive spaceship dock, Parvati will tell you that she'd quite like to pay a visit to a certain scientist aboard the ship. You'll then get a new quest pop up under the 'Companion' section of the Journal tab in your inventory.

If you want to get closer to your crew, we'd recommend embarking on these Companion missions. Unfortunately this is as far as the relationships with other characters in The Outer Worlds can go.

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