The Crew 2 Loot Guide - Rare Loot, Affix Parts, HQ Mailbox, and Legendary Loot

The Crew 2 Loot Guide - Rare Loot, Affix Parts, HQ Mailbox, and Legendary Loot

We’ve gathered everything you need to know about The Crew 2 in this handy guide.

The Crew 2 continues the smart looting system that was introduced in the first game. There are four levels of loot rarity, and special bonuses called Affix parts to collect. In this The Crew 2 Loot Guide, we’ll take you through what each loot level is, how to get loot in The Crew 2, as well as some tips on how to collect loot you might have missed. There’s also plans to add a whole other loot level very soon. We’ll give you all the details on Legendary loot, including when you’ll be able to unlock it.

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The Crew 2 Loot Guide

Loot is a huge part of The Crew 2 and is used to upgrade and outfit your vehicles. It is split into three separate categories, each with its own color scheme. It isn’t immediately obvious where you can collect the loot you earn while playing, and what each type of loot does, so we’ve got all the info you need to make the most out of the loot rewards you get in The Crew 2.

The Crew 2 Loot Types

At present there are three different types of loot you can earn in The Crew 2. They consist of the following:

  • Common Loot - Grey, no associated bonuses
  • Uncommon Loot - Green, No associated Bonus
  • Rare - Blue, 1 Affix Part Bonus
  • Epic - Purple, 2 Affix Part Bonuses

You’ll usually receive one of each type after each race or activity, after which you can then head into the “Performance” menu to upgrade your vehicles. You’ll only earn the loot associated with the vehicles you used to complete the event, so just head to the starter vehicle page to make use of your new loot rewards.

The Crew 2 Affix Parts Bonuses

Every piece of loot you earn has an associated Performance Rating. And while this is definitely the most important value to consider when choosing which loot parts to add to your vehicles, there is also another feature to consider; AFFIX Parts. These are bonuses that come with Rare and Epic Loot parts. Rare parts have one AFFIX Part bonus, Epic parts have two. Here are some example of AFFIX Part bonuses you can get in The Crew 2:

  • Ventilated - Nitro refills by 1.2% during Jump
  • Rear Drag - Increase distance detection of the Drah Bump by 2.3%
  • Collector - Increase Live Reward frequency apparition by 3.9%
  • Lucky - Increase Loot quality by 3.3%
  • Shifty - Increase Slipstream power by 2.9%

There are a ton of Affix bonuses to collect, so bear them in mind when swapping out parts on your vehicles. Occasionally the AFFIX Bonus will be worth keeping on your vehicle over something with a higher Performance Level.

The Crew 2 HQ Mailbox - Where to Get Loot You’ve Not Collected

After completing an event, you’ll gain loot as a reward. Problem is, it doesn’t automatically go into your inventory and instead spawns on the map a few seconds after the end of a race. If you fast travelled to another event before then, you’ll have missed out on picking up the loot rewards. Luckily, if you do so, the loot will be transferred to your The Crew 2 Mailbox. You can find the HQ Mailbox at any of the four Family HQ hubs. It will be shown as a blue shipping container in the hub, so all you need to do is walk up to it and hit select. All of your hard-earned loot will be in there ready for you to use. You can head over to The Spot Street Race hub to collect your Mailbox Loot, for example.

The Crew 2 Legendary Loot

While there are currently only four levels of loot in The Crew 2 currently, there are plans to add a fifth level. Legendary Loot will be added as part of The Crew 2’s Post-Launch Content. It will be added alongside the free update in September, alongside the Gator Rush add-on.

That’s all you need to know about Loot in The Crew 2. If you’re looking for tips on How to gain more followers in The Crew 2, head over to our The Crew 2 Followers Guide. We’ve also got some tips on How to make more money fast in The Crew 2.

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