Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age Guide - Tips and Tricks, How to Earn Gil Quickly, How to Unlock Espers, Best Zodiac Jobs

Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age Guide - Tips and Tricks, How to Earn Gil Quickly, How to Unlock Espers, Best Zodiac Jobs

Here's a hub containing all our guides on Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age, including how to take on hunts, and earn Gil quickly.

Originally released all the way back in 2006 for the PlayStation 2, Final Fantasy XII ended up being the ninth-best-selling game on the platform, boasting lifetime sales of 5.2 million by the time it was all said and done.

Now over a decade removed from the original release, Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age is the remastered form of the original game, boasting brand new features like the fast-forward function, as well as new in-game mechanics such as the Quickening ability.

In this Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age guides hub, we’ll run down a list of the essential information on getting to grips with the game, as well as taking some deeper dives into aspects like the Licensing Boards, and the ideal Zodiac Job for each character to undertake.

Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age Guides

Just below, you’ll find all our guides on Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age, helping you to master every old and new mechanic in the game, as well as some essential guides like how to earn Gil quickly.

But if you need any further help on Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age, then consult the two sections just below, containing info on both new and old features alike.

Final Fantasy XII: How to Use High-Speed Mode

A brand-new addition to Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age is the High-Speed system which can be triggered with a simple click of L1. For those of you who want to get through areas or grind, this mode will come in very handy for when you want to blaze through any area of the game. Do be careful though, if you don’t react fast enough to what’s going on onscreen, it’s very easy to become overwhelmed by the sheer speed of how fast you can go in this new addition, which has two different modes (2x and 4x speed). We’d recommend using it only if you know exactly how to combat the monsters in the area.

Final Fantasy XII Licensing Boards

Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age might seem like an incredibly intimidating game, and it's interlinking systems are no different. The License Board will be the primary way that you start to unlock abilities for your characters. These abilities can unlock armor restrictions, buffs to your HP and unlocking key spells. In this version of the game, there are also entire Licensing Boards that correspond to specific jobs, so the quicker you learn navigate through the Licensing Boards, the better you will soon be able to improve your party and unlock skills.

How to Become a Merchant Master in Final Fantasy XII

You'll quickly find yourself ridden with piles of loot, which you'll probably never use, so serial hoarders will need to sell all the loot you acquire in the game to afford all the shiny, new gear that you'll find yourself wanting throughout the game. It's important that your characters are all up to snuff, so be sure to make your way to a merchant to sell of everything you might not need. Items will also pile up quickly, if you've found yourself using the High-Speed Mode, as we suggested, you might want to make trips more often. Of course, this is also a great way to get more Gil, so if you're prepping for a particularly difficult hunt, you'll be able to help yourself a little bit more.

Using Libra in Final Fantasy XII

When getting stuck into the world of Final Fantasy XII, you wil want to gain the most information about the enemy you're fighting as possible. Libra is a hugely useful Technik that you'll be able to unlock fairly quickly, and is one that will be completely invaluable as you progress through this gargantuan game. The skill has the ability to let you see how much HP Enemies have, and also expose their weaknesses. This might be one of the most useful tools available to you in the game, so don't let it go to waste!

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