Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age License Boards Guide - Unlock More LP

Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age License Boards Guide - Unlock More LP

Licensing Boards are a key part of Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age, and we've outlined how to go about getting the most out of each one.

License Boards, Jobs, LP? What's all this jargon? Well, don't worry if you're having a hard time in Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age, we've got your back. This Final Fantasy XII License Boards guide will help you to break down everything that's on the intimidating (and huge) Licensing Boards that populate the game. These boards are the key to developing your characters in the way that you want to, and unlike the original release of Final Fantasy XII, these Licenses also factor into which jobs that you want to use with that particular character.

If you need help with anything else at all to do with the game, head over to our Final Fantasy XII guides walkthrough hub, featuring articles on how to earn Gil quickly, and how to understand the battle system of the game.

In this Final Fantasy XII guide, we'll run down all the information you need to understand License Boards, and how you can spend your hard earned LP to unlock brand new skills for your characters.

Final Fantasy XII License Boards Guide

The License Board is centred around a simple table where you can spend LP to unlock new skills, not too dissimilar from other JRPG Level-Up mechanics before it. The types of things you can unlock on the licenses board will help to equip certain armour, weapons, unlock the usage of passive skills and magicks. You might not want to focus on improving you character's base stats, as those will be modified by the gear that you'll be equipping.

Final Fantasy XII: How to Unlock More LP

Simple, you earn LP alongside EXP in normal battles, to get more LP to unlock a certain node that you want, you'll have to follow a path to get there, you cannot unlock a node that is completel separate from the other nodes that you have unlocked. The best way of unlocking nodes quickly is to go to an area that you're comfortable with or going out on hunts and putting the game on high-speed mode. Do be careful though, if you don't keep up with high-speed mode you might find yourself getting more than you bargained for.

Final Fantasy XII: Jobs Guide

Check out our comprehensive Jobs guide for the full lowdown on what jobs bring to the table, but depending on what you select as a job, you will be presented with a licensing board that will let you unlock new skills in line with that particular job, this is true for when you're also to get 2 jobs at once, making the decision of how you spec your character even more difficult. However to unlock that you will need to unlock the License Board Plus, which costs 30LP.

For those of your worried that you will have to unlock skills again on another License Board if you've already gone through another one- don't worry. Skills unlocked on one character will carry over to the additional License Board after you unlock it, making sure that there's no waste when it comes to spending precious LP. This also enables you to get up to speed quicker in the other Jobs that you'd like to pursue for the character, meaning that if you unlock nodes in the right way, you will soon be able to unlock high-level skills on the other job. However, in battle your character might be more suited to taking on a wildly different role from their primary to help round out your character party, so choose wisely.

why not check out our variety of other guides on Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age, such as how to undertake high-level Hunts, as well as how to unlock and use Espers.

Unlocking Licenses is a careful balance of knowing how to balance your party and knowing where to put those precious LP points. Once you unlock the second board this just gets even more difficult, so be sure to not just think about what you need to unlock, but how that will factor into the overall party strength, and how you will use them in Gambits.

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