Pokemon Go Regice Raid Guide - Best Counters, Weakness, Availability, Regirock and Registeel Release Date

Pokemon Go Regice Raid Guide - Best Counters, Weakness, Availability, Regirock and Registeel Release Date

Everything you need to know about Pokemon GO’s latest Legendary Pokemon

Pokemon GO has slowly been getting more and more Legendary Pokemon since launch. They are often included as bonuses during events, and cycle in and of the game regularly. So far we’ve seen Legendary birds, Legendary Dogs and more, but the latest update to Pokemon GO sees a certain Gen 3 Legendary Pokemon getting some love. Regice is now available in Pokemon GO, so we’ve gathered all the details on the Legendary Ice Titan. In this Pokemon GO Regice Guide, we’ll break down the best counters to use, how long Regice will be in Pokemon GO for, and more.

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Regice Guide - Legendary Titans Release Schedule, Best Counters, Legendary Raid Battle

As of June 21, players can now face-off against the Legendary Ice Pokemon Regice. There’s a fair bit to take into account when battling it, even though Regice is far from being the strongest Legendary pokemon we’ve seen so far in Pokemon GO. There are some techniques you can use to ensure you clear every Raid battle with Regice, though keep in mind that you’ll only have a limited time to do so.

Regice Availability in Pokemon GO - Start Date and End Date for Legendary Regice Pokemon

The Legendary Titan pokemon Regice was recently introduced into Pokemon GO. Starting June 21, it will appear as part of Raid Battles around the world, and can be captured to earn huge bonuses and rewards. Regice is a tier 5 Raid, and has an unusually high Defense Value. Players will have the opportunity to beat Regice all the way up to July 19, when the it will likely be retired to only being found as rewards for completing a week’s worth of Research Quests.

Pokemon GO Regice Moves

Regice has a wide range of moves that could spell trouble for your team if you’re not prepared. We’ve listed every move that Regice can use in Pokemon GO below, so that you’re prepared for the Raid Battle.

  • Frost Breath
  • Rock Smash
  • Blizzard
  • Earthquake
  • Focus Blast

Pokemon GO Regice Best Counters - Best Pokemon to Use against Regice Raid Battle

Regice is a Legendary Ice type Pokemon and as such can be countered with Fire-Type pokemon. As with all three Legendary Titans, Regice is also weak to Fighting attacks. We’ve gathered the best Pokemon to use against Regice in Pokemon GO below, and included the best conditions under which to use each one.

  • Moltres - Using a Moltres is a great way to exploit the Fire weakness of Regice. Go for a Fire Spin as its Fast Move, and Overheat as its Charged Move. Moltres boasts the highest DPS value against Regice, and has a resistance to Focus Blast and Earthquake.
  • Machamp - You can exploit Regice’s Fighting type weakness using a Machamp. Use either Counter or Karate Chop as Fast Move, and then Dynamic Punch as the Charged Move. It’s pretty easy to get hold of a Machamp in Pokemon GO, so it's a good choice when putting together a Raid theme.
  • Entei - Another Fire-Type to keep in mind Entei. Coupling Fire Fang and Overheat is your best bet, though keep in mind that Entei is not a particularly strong Legendary pokemon.

Weather conditions are definitely something to keep in mind when facing Regice, as it is particularly strong in snow, sunny and cloudy conditions. The Counters we’ve mentioned so far are great all-round options, but for Cloudy conditions, you’ll want to consider the following:

  • Heracross - Use Heracross when facing Regice in Cloudy Weather. Counter is a good choice for your Fast Move, while Close Combat should be deployed as your Charged Option
  • Mewtwo - Use a Mewtwo equipped with Psycho Cut and Focus Blast

Regice Pokemon GO Raid Battle Tips and Tricks

While having strong counters is key to any Raid Battle, there are some additional tips to keep in mind while fighting Regice. We’ve collected some tips and tricks in the following list:

  • While dodging may be a useful tactic in other Tier-5 Raid Battles, it is absolutely not a priority here
  • Don’t have everyone in your team leave to go to the lobby at once. Leaving an enemy alone in battle allows it to heal
  • There is a known dodge glitch associated with dodging a would-be fatal attack. You can avoid this by swapping in a pokemon to take the hit instead, then swapping your main back in.

Regirock, Registeel Pokemon GO Release Dates

Since Regice was added to Pokemon GO, many fans have been wondering when the other two Legendary Titans will arrive in the game. Regirock and Registeel have in fact been confirmed for the game, and are due to release sometime in 2018.

That’ everything you need to face Regice in Pokemon GO. We’ll be updating this guide as we work out new tactics and ways to gain an upper hand against the Legendary Ice Pokemon. In the meantime, you should check out all of the changes that the recent update has brought to the game. In our Pokemon GO Trading Guide, we go over Trading, Friends, and Gifts.

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