Fallout 4: Call to Arms - How to Join the Brotherhood of Steel Faction

Fallout 4: Call to Arms - How to Join the Brotherhood of Steel Faction

Learn how to join the iconic Brotherhood of Steel in Fallout 4.

Now that you’ve acquired your very own set of Power Armor, it’s time to put it to good use. While adventuring in the wasteland, you will stumble across a radio transmission airing a distress call. When this leads to a request from a Power Armor clad soldier of the Brotherhood of Steel, it’s hard to turn him down. This Fallout 4 Brotherhood of Steel guide will quickly show you how to aid Paladin Danse with his cause and join the Brotherhood of Steel faction.

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Joining the Brotherhood of Steel involves two quests: Fire Support, and Call to Arms. Though these quests are not overly complex, they do involve a fair amount of combat, specifically against Feral Ghouls and Synths. Come equipped with plenty of ammo, or even your Power Armor suit for some added protection if you wish.

How to Complete Call to Arms Quest and Join the Brotherhood of Steel

Fire Support

Early in the game, you will likely come upon a quest called The First Step. This quest will place an icon for the Corvega Assembly Plant on your map, if you haven’t discovered it already. There’s no need to actually do this quest, it is just a means to locate the Plant, as this will be the starting point.

Listen to Military Frequency AF95

Fast travel to Corvega Assembly Plant, and head south around the building towards Lexington and College Square. Your Pip-Boy will eventually pick up on a radio transmission, and you will be prompted to tune into Frequency AF95. Bring up your Pip-Boy, open the Radio tab, and select Military Frequency AF95. Listen to the broadcast coming from the police station nearby.

When your Pip-Boy picks up on this military radio frequency, be sure to tune in.

Proceed to Cambridge Police Station

After listening to the distress call on the radio, make your way to Cambridge Police Station, which should now be indicated on your map. As you approach the station, you’ll see a Paladin Danse in a suit of Power Armor being harassed by several Feral Ghouls. Assist him and the other soldiers in fending off the nasty mutants, and then speak to Paladin Danse. As he enters the station, the Fire Support quest concludes.

Call to Arms Quest

Speaking with Paladin Danse unlocks a new quest titled Call to Arms, at the end of which you are given the option to join the Brotherhood of Steel. He asks that you join him in traveling to ArcJet Systems to try and secure a Deep Range Transmitter. Explore the Station, making sure to load up on ammo and loot everything before you leave. If you’re feeling nosy, you can also peruse Danse’s personal logs on the computer terminal.

Provide Fire Support for Paladin Danse

Helping Paladin Danse with his mission is your ticket into the Brotherhood of Steel.

Follow Paladin Danse to ArcJet Systems. Take out the Raiders and Ghouls you may encounter along the way. Continue following Danse as he enters the building, and speak to Danse about the bodies in the next room.

Keep following Danse through the building, until you reach a room with locked double doors. You must find a way to open the door by searching around the room. Locate the Lab Analyst’s Terminal on the desk in the back corner. Access the terminal, and select Automated Password Change. This will give you a new password for the door. Now go over to the Lab Control Terminal in the center of the room and unlock the security door. You could also hack this advanced terminal, but our method is a bit easier.

As the doors open, prepare to provide him with fire support against a handful of Institute Synths. Fight off the various Synths with Danse as the two of you push through the corridors. Try to keep cover behind Danse if you are taking too much damage, as he seems to know what he’s doing.

Restore Auxiliary Power for Paladin Danse

Follow Paladin Danse down the elevator to the ArcJet Engine Core. When you reach the control room, look for another back room with a computer terminal. To restore auxiliary power to the engine core, you must hack the terminal first. Then, press the Engine Start Button to aid Danse with his Synth problem with a little rocket blast action. Also, make sure to snag the nifty Junk Jet on the table nearby, as well as the Fusion Core in the generator before leaving the room.

Retrieve the Deep Range Transmitter

Follow Danse to the control room, and proceed to clear the control room of enemy Synths. Search amongst the dead Synth bodies to find the Deep Range Transmitter that Danse was looking for. From here, you can now take the elevator up to exit ArcJet Systems with Danse.

Paladin Danse rewards you for your troubles by offering his laser rifle.

Once you are outside, speak to Paladin Danse. As a reward for your efforts, he gifts you his modded laser rifle, Righteous Authority, if you wish to take it. He will then make you an offer to join the Brotherhood of Steel, which you can choose accept or decline. Accepting the offer will unlock a new quest titled Semper Invicta. Head back to the Cambridge Police Station to speak with the group once more to earn the "Semper Invicta" achievement.

Keep in mind that completing faction quests for the Brotherhood of Steel results in negative feedback from other factions you may be a member of, such as the Railroad or Institute factions. At least you now have a group of brethren who enjoy hulking around in Power Armor as much as you!

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