Fallout 4 - How to Get Skipper’s Last Stand

Fallout 4 - How to Get Skipper’s Last Stand

Find Shipbreaker to earn Skipper’s Last Stand.

This guide will show players how to get Skipper’s Last Stand, a unique harpoon gun available in Fallout 4: Far Harbor. This weapon has a special attribute that provides +150 damage resistance while reloading.

Players can obtain this unique weapon in Fallout 4 during an unmarked Far Harbor side quest called Shipbreaker. This quest involves hunting down a fog crawler named Shipbreaker that Old Longfellow has been tracking for quite some time. The radiation has caused this creature to emit a radio frequency, which can be picked up on your Pip-boy radio. It’s easy to miss this quest, so be sure to pay attention to your radio frequencies and tune into this signal when given the opportunity.

To prepare for the quest, speak to Old Longfellow and ask for details regarding what he knows about tracking the fog crawler. He’ll suggest searching near one of the settlements, which is where you’ll need to look for the creature. Travel to that settlement location and explore the area until you can tune into the Shipbreaker’s Signal Radio Frequency. The Shipbreaker’s location is random, so you may need to wander through the fog for a while before finding the signal.

Once you come close enough to the creature, the Shipbreaker’s Signal will appear within your Pip-boy radio. Tune into the frequency, and begin moving toward the signal source. The signal percentage in the upper left corner will increase as you get closer to the creature. When the signal strength reaches about 80% or higher, you should be able to see the creature somewhere nearby.

The Shipbreaker is a very tough Fog Crawler who moves quickly and can be pretty devastating up close. Keep your distance, use VATS, and bust out one of your best weapons for this fight. A few bombs or traps may help as well. Once you have defeated the creature, loot its corpse and report back to Old Longfellow.

Fast travel to Old Longfellow's location and tell him that you’ve slayed the fog crawler he’s been hunting all these years. His reaction is bittersweet, as he is now faced with a sudden lack of purpose. Now that Shipbreaker is dead, Longfellow no longer needs his old harpoon gun, so he gives it to you instead.

Skipper’s Last Stand has a special attribute that offers +150 damage resistance while reloading, which is particularly useful considering harpoon guns require constant reloads and have relatively long reload times.

If harpoon guns aren’t your style, there are plenty of other unique weapons you can find in Fallout 4: Far Harbor, including Atom’s Judgement or The Striker.

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