Fallout 4: How to Use Power Conduits

Fallout 4: How to Use Power Conduits

Run power through walls with Power Conduits.

This guide will show players how to use Power Conduits in Fallout 4, a new feature introduced with the Contraptions DLC.

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If you’ve done any amount of building in Fallout 4, you know what it’s like to use a wall with holes in it, then run power lines all over the place trying to provide electricity to all the devices you have. It was a very messy system, but one that was appropriate for the state of the Commonwealth.

This view shows you how a Power Conduit can run your electricity through walls.

Those days of settlement wires looking more tangled than the ones behind your gaming PC and desk are gone. Bethesda has introduced Power Conduits, allowing players to run power through walls, along the base of walls, and all the way back to a central power source at your settlement. It still isn’t a perfect system, but it’s infinitely better and more organized than the old one.

Fallout 4 Power Conduits

We’re not going to show you an overly complex way of using the Power Conduit system. Just like our guide for How to Build the Ammunition Plant in Fallout 4, we’re going to give you a solid base of understanding, and then let you go out and experiment with your own designs.

Begin by building a closed off room with concrete walls. You can leave one wall out so that you can get in and out of the room for now. Next, put a generator in it. It really doesn’t matter which one, but we went big with the Fusion Generator.

To use your first Power Conduit, grab one of the mid-sized straight bars. The one that is just a bit longer than the width of the concrete wall. You should be able to run it through the wall, so that each end of the bar is sticking out on either side of the wall. If it won’t place, remove the wall and place the Power Conduit, then put the wall back in place. That should work.

From here, you are essentially going to treat the Power Conduit like plumbing, only instead of water, you’re running power. All of the pieces snap together, so you can run it along the ground and throughout your settlement. If you’d rather, you can make a generator room for your Armor Forge in Fallout 4, but keep the messy wires out of the equation.

Sometimes you have to place the Power Conduit first, and then put the wall in place after.

Once you are able to place your first Power Conduit, start playing around with the other pieces, snapping them together and seeing how it all fits. You’ll note that there are some very similar looking pieces, but this is because some are intended for the taller warehouse walls, and some for the shorter concrete walls.

To connect all of this to your generator, use a Conduit Junction. You’ll run a wire from your generator to the Conduit Junction, and then run Power Conduits wherever you desire. When you run the power to your ultimate destination (whatever needs electricity) use another Conduit Junction, then connect a wire from that to the device. That really is all there is to Power Conduits, but you’ll have to play around to get a knack for how effectively they can be used.

Power Conduits could also be very useful to run electricity to the lights that are surrounding your Pillory in Fallout 4.

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