Fallout 4: Reunions Quest Walkthrough - Follow Dogmeat, Kill Kellogg

Fallout 4: Reunions Quest Walkthrough - Follow Dogmeat, Kill Kellogg

Follow Dogmeat and kill Kellogg.

This guide will cover the Reunions quest in Fallout 4. Players will team up with Dogmeat and Nick Valentine (optional) to track down the man who took your son, Kellogg. It can be quite a long mission, but the loot you can gather up along the way makes the journey worthwhile.

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How to Complete the Reunions Quest

Follow Dogmeat

For the first part of the mission, players must simply follow Dogmeat, allowing him to lead them to the location of Nick Valentine. It can be quite the dangerous trip if you haven’t cleared a lot of the area, so keep your head on a swivel and ensure that you perform frequent quick saves to stop you from having to play long sections of the quest over again. Dogmeat should have an objective marker on him for the duration of the adventure, and if he doesn’t, you likely need to stop and search for clues.

Search for Clues to Kellogg

The Follow Dogmeat objective will be interrupted several times, tasking players with finding clues that show Kellogg has been there, and that your canine companion is on the right track. After you successfully find a clue, you’ll get back to following Dogmeat further along the trail. If he stops moving, it’s a sure sign that you need to stop and have a look around. Here are the clues you’re looking for each step of the way.

  • San Francisco Sunlights
  • Bloodied Bandages
  • San Francisco Sunlights
  • Bloodied Bandages
Any time that Dogmeat stops and won't walk, look for clues that Kellogg was there.

Check on Dogmeat

Dogmeat will eventually take you to Fort Hagen, but you can’t get in the way that he approaches from. You’ll need to find an alternate route, and there are few close by. What you should be more worried about are the turrets that surround the complex. Take them out while you are hidden and you should do some bonus damage, allowing you to down each turret in about two shots.

Find a Way Into For Hagen

While looking at the building, go to your left, hugging the building and going down a small set of stairs. This will take you to a couple burned out cars in an underground parking facility. Go down the stairs in that facility and you’ll come to a room with a dead body in a chair. Go through the door to the next room and you should see another that will lead you into Fort Hagen. It’s just to the right of the parking garage ramp.

Search Fort Hagen

When you enter Fort Hagen you’ll be in a stairwell, and there are floors above you, but not below you. You’ll need to clear them all of about a half dozen Synths that are roaming about, but Nick Valentine should assist you with this. Don’t worry about looting just yet, that’s better left for when there’s nothing roaming about trying to kill you. Oh, and destroy all the turrets as well - those are a pain.

Also, be careful when you are firing a loud weapon - the Synths from other floors will wander up to engage you if they hear you creating a raucous. If you have some mines, consider placing them in the doorways and stair well, then making some noise to attract the Synths to your location. You’ll likely get several of them before you have to shoot them yourself.

Movement is key to avoiding damage from aggressive Synths. We found a shotgun effective.

When everything is dead, search all the floors and rooms for anything that you can take with you. There is a terminal in the stairwell, but that just turns on the nearby robot, and that thing turned on us when we started shooting Synths. Likely best to avoid it. There is also a locked cage on the top floor, and the terminal to open that is in the center of the room on a support beam. You can command Nick Valentine to hack it if you don’t want to be fussed. You can also visit our hacking and locking picking guide if you want to get better are handing these situations yourself.

When you’re ready to move on, get into the elevator and take a trip down a few floors. This will deliver you to a bunker like basement, and in the distance will be a turret and some patrolling Synths. Take them out at your leisure, being sure not to set any traps off along the narrow corridor. When the area is clear, go into the room where the turret was posted and head down the stairs. You’ll have some more halls and alcoves to search, but eventually you’ll find yourself in the Fort Hagen Command Center.

It’s going to be more of the same for quite some time. You’ll have to deal with Synths, turrets, and even Kellogg taunting you as you get closer to your target. We aren’t going to walk you through every inch of the process, so keep clearing the command center one room at a time, making your way through the doors and halls will connect you to the man who kidnapped your son.

This is the boiler room where we found the Fort Hagen Armory Password.

Confront and Kill Kellogg

When you get to an oval office (not the oval office), Kellogg will tell you he’s just up ahead, and that his Synths are standing down. If you haven’t already done so, backtrack and get into the armory - there are some really good things in there for your upcoming battle. When you’re ready, go through the next door to progress things forward.

Chat with Kellogg in whatever way you choose, as the end result will be the same no matter what. You have to fight him, and for this we highly suggest you bring some Molotovs. Kellogg will hide behind the desks, and throwing some bombs is a great way to dig him out without exposing yourself to danger. We even backed up out of the room, forcing him (and his Synths) into a bottleneck. Be aware, however, that Kellogg will regenerate health when he deals a critical hit. It’s the legendary perk on his gun, which of course you can add to your collection when the fight is over. Just focus on the Synths first, and then lay into Kellogg with all you have. There are no tricks to this boss fight.

Search for More Information

Be sure to grab the Cybernetic Brain Augmenter from Kellogg when he falls.

You need to do something specific to complete this objective, but there are lots of great things to loot as well, such as Kellogg’s Pistol. To move things forward, grab Kellogg’s Terminal Password, as well as the Cybernetic Brain Augmenter (you’ll need that for the next mission). They can both be found on his body, and then you can move to Kellogg’s Terminal. When you read his access logs, the objective will be complete.

Discuss Your Findings with Nick Valentine

Easy enough. Just walk over to the Synth and have a conversation. That should take care of this one quite nicely.

Discuss Your Findings with Piper

You’ll have to head back to Diamond City for this part. Just make your way out of Fort Hagen by taking the elevator that is marked as an objective. This should take you to the roof, and from there you can fast travel back to the Public Occurrences office. Piper will be inside, and that’s when we decided to have her take over the companion duties from Nick Valentine. Just be sure to get any gear that you stored on Valentine before you send him off. Grab it yourself, and then give it to Piper to carry back to your base.

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