Fallout 4: Tactical Thinking - Railroad HQ, P.A.M.

Fallout 4: Tactical Thinking - Railroad HQ, P.A.M.

Locate P.A.M. within the Railroad HQ.

This guide will provide instructions for completing the Brotherhood of Steel Quest: Tactical Thinking. Following through with this quest will permanently sever all ties you have to the Railroad faction. If you still have Railroad quests that you’d like to complete, we recommend you do so prior to obtaining this quest from Lancer-Captain Kells.

Completing this quest means that you are devoted to the Brotherhood of Steel for the long haul. If you’re prepared show your dedication to the Brotherhood’s cause, then let’s get started.

Speak to Lancer-Captain Kells

Travel to the Prydwen and locate Lancer-Captain Kells on the command deck of the airship. Speak with him to obtain your next mission. Kells feels that the Railroad faction poses a legitimate threat to the Brotherhood’s operations, so he assigns you to eliminate the threat directly.

After accepting your orders from Lancer-Captain Kells, speak with Proctor Ingram to receive some additional orders. She tells you of a computer program called P.A.M. that the Railroad has in their possession. During your infiltration of the Railroad HQ, your task is to either hack P.A.M., or destroy it. When ready, head out to the north end of Boston to begin the mission.

Enter Old North Church

Lancer-Captain Kells has given you Priority Kill Orders, which is essentially an organized hit list for eliminating each of the Railroad leaders. Locate the Old North Church at the North End neighborhood of Boston. If you have already discovered the Railroad faction’s hideout, then the church should be marked on your map. Several Brotherhood reinforcements will meet you there as well.

Kill Doctor Carrington

The Railroad agents will be packing quite a bit of firepower, so It’s a good idea to equip your Power Armor suit for this mission if you have it available. Enter the Old North Church, and be ready to eliminate any hostile threats. Once inside, your first target is Doctor Carrington, who should be somewhere on the main floor of the church. Take out Carrington, and clear the room of Railroad agents before continuing down to the lower levels.

Breach the Door to the Lower Levels

Clear out the main floor of the church, then make your way down to the lower level. Locate a doorway on the northwest side of the church, beneath a fallen balcony. Continue down the stairs to reach the tunnels below the church, and eliminate the Railroad Agents you encounter here.

One of the Brotherhood Scribes has already taken the time to rig an explosive on the door to the hideout. Activate the detonator, and stand back as the explosive breaches through the brick wall. Continue through the corridors of the hideout and enter the door to the Railroad HQ.

Now that you have infiltrated the Railroad HQ, it’s time to begin marking off each name on Lancer-Captain Kells’ kill list. Locate and eliminate each Railroad faction leader within the Railroad HQ to complete the following quest objectives:

  • Kill Glory
  • Kill Tinker Tom
  • Kill Deacon
  • Kill Desdemona

Reprogram OR Destroy PAM

Enter the doorway on the west wall of the Railroad HQ to find P.A.M. in the next room. Decide whether you want to hack P.A.M.’s program, or destroy the robot. To reprogram P.A.M., use the computer terminal nearby to access P.A.M.’s mainframe. Load the P.A.M. Decryption Program holotape that Proctor Ingram gave you, then select P.A.M. Decryption Start.

Before leaving he headquarters, make sure to snag the copy of Astoundingly Awesome Tales off of one of the desks. Luckily, there’s no one left to catch you stealing it.

Report to Lancer-Captain Kells

Once you have eliminated the Railroad leaders and have either reprogrammed or destroyed P.A.M., return to the Prydwen and report to Lancer-Captain Kells. If you reprogrammed P.A.M., she will be sent to the Prydwen. However, if P.A.M. was destroyed, you’ll be met with a bit of disappointment.

Continue on to the next Brotherhood of Steel Quest: Spoils of War, or return to our Fallout 4 Walkthrough and Guide for more Fallout 4 content.

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