Fallout 4: The Glowing Sea - Legendary Deathclaw

Fallout 4: The Glowing Sea - Legendary Deathclaw

Defeat the Legendary Deathclaw.

This guide will help you complete the Glowing Sea, a Fallout 4 main quest that sees players tracking down Virgil, a scientist who managed to escape the institute. It’s not a long mission, but it is full of dangerous challenges that can trip a player up if they aren’t properly prepared.

Find Virgil in the Glowing Sea

Open your Pip-Boy and set this quest to the one that you’re actively tracking. That will put a waypoint in the far bottom left corner of your map, but we’re not headed there just yet.

If you have a cache of supplies like we do, it’s time to visit this. We have our own apartment at our settlement in Sanctuary, and in there is a safe we’ve built into the floor. That’s where we keep our Rad-X, RadAway, and all the goodies that will help to heal us up when we take damage. You’re going to need a lot of this, so if you don’t have a similar cache of supplies, head to Diamond City via the in-game fast travel and visit a vendor. You’re going to want about 10 of each the Rad-X and RadAway, as well as some other aid that you can use to heal up. Purified Water works, and so does a lot of the cooked meat in the game. If you have a truck load of Stimpak, you’ll need that too. If you lack the funds required to stock up for this trip, we wrote about a way that you can get infinite caps and buy everything in the game.

When you’re ready, fast travel to an area that you have discovered that sits as close to the waypoint on your map as possible. When you spawn in, look at the bottom of your screen for a directional waypoint, and then start moving. You will notice that you are taking radiation damage as you go, and using Rad-X will slow this down considerably. You’ll still take on Rads, but you can use the RadAway to remove them once you see your health bar diminishing too much. When the Rads are gone, use a Stimpak to heal yourself back to 100 percent.

There is nothing to do but head for the waypoint, only you are bound to bump into lots of random creatures along the way. We are talking the Radscorpion, Legendary Deathclaw, and a batch of other things that will make your journey worse. This is why we advise that you perform a quick save as often as you can. If you make it through a battle, save your game. If you make it 60 seconds without dying, save your game. The worst part of this quest is having to go back and repeat sections of it because you died.

For the most part you can avoid the troubles that wait for you near the Glowing Sea. Keep your head on a swivel, and give creatures that you spot in the distance lots of space. You’re likely going to end up in some combat, but avoid it if you can. You have enough trouble with the Rads piling up on you.

As you reach your waypoint there will be several buildings and a few people making up a settlement. The waypoint itself will lead to a woman, and a conversation with her is what leads to your next waypoint. We didn’t have a lot of success talking to her, so choose whatever suits you. When you are done, bring up your map by using your Pip-Boy, noticing that the next waypoint is off the grid.

Start heading for your new objective marker, taking a path that leads through the mountain. We began to sprint here, but slow up as you get close and start to see the distance to your target. There is Legendary Deathclaw waiting for you, and this thing is no joke.

How to Defeat the Deathclaw

We brought Cait for this mission, mostly because she has a shotgun and she likes to kill things. You should do that as well, and if you don’t have her you can read our companion guide to unlock her as a sidekick. We took her lead, using our own Shotgun against the extremely aggressive monster. We also used Molotovs to deal major damage from a distance. We probably hit the beast with 10 Molotovs, and had to use another 10 Stimpaks to heal up.

When the fight is over, loot the Legendary Deathclaw for whatever goodies it holds. You can turn the Deathclaw Meat into steak, which is really good for you.

Make your way further on and into the cave that your waypoint points to. There are traps here, so disable them before progressing. Also, destroy the turrets that guard this place, and then push forward until you meet Virgil. Again, speak to him as you wish, and agree to help him out in exchange for information. He will give you the next quest that must be completed if you hope to find Shaun.

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