Fallout 4: When Freedom Calls Quest - Security Gate Password

Fallout 4: When Freedom Calls Quest - Security Gate Password

Open the gate and get the Power Armor.

This quest is one of the Minutemen Quests, meaning it is not part of the main quest line in Fallout 4. Players are unlikely to know this, however, as they will transition to this quest from the previous, Out of Time, by simply opening a door. During this quest, players will follow their new friends, led by Preston Garvey, back to the Sanctuary. It’s here that you can get into the game’s base building and crafting.

If you happened to need assistance with any other matters in Fallout 4, then head on over to our Fallout 4 guides walkthrough hub, containing additional quest walkthrough guides, as well as the location of unique items, like the X-01 Power Armor.

How to Complete When Freedom Calls Quest

Enter the Museum

The first objective of the mission will be completed just by walking in the front door of the Museum of Freedom. We only mention it here because we like to be thorough. In fact, you won’t know you’ve begun this mission until the objective is already complete.

Locate the Trapped Settlers

Once you enter the museum, there will be plenty of gunfire, and your general direction will be up. The Settlers are in a room on the top floor, as well as the Raiders. The gate in front of you is locked, but you can find a box of Bobby Pins on the cigarette machine to the left of the door. Unfortunately, the door was still too difficult for us to pick the lock, so we had to find another way.

Head to the southwest side of the room and through the door, following the series of rooms that will lead you to the room beyond the locked gate we just mentioned. You’ll see a hole in the floor, and some stairs. Head up the stairs and start picking off Raiders with your equipped weapon. There should only be two or three in this area, and as long as Dogmeat is set to follow you he should take one or two out if they get too close.

On the north side of the room (second story) there will be a walkway that is broken, with only a thin ledge left that leads to a door. Traverse across the ledge and go through the door. Go down the hall and then up two more sets of stairs, which should put you in contact with more Raiders. Take them out as quickly as you can, ensuring that you know where your dog is at all times - he’s an effective distraction, but he can be overwhelmed. We had to inject him with a Stimpak to regenerate his health after two Raiders messed him up.

Talk to Preston Garvey

When the Raiders are dead, make your way to the objective marker on your screen and you’ll meet Preston Garvey, a Minuteman and the leader of the settlers you just found. While he’s talking, grab the Perception Bobblehead on the desk at the far side of the room.

As you’re speaking with Preston you’ll be able to say and do whatever you’d like. You can choose to help, or you can choose to ignore them and go about your business. Obviously, we chose to help, and think you should as well since it will give you some fancy Power Armor.

How to Unlock the Security Gate

When you’re ready, leave the room and drop down several floors until you are at the security gate. You should have an objective marking it, so no worries if you aren’t sure where to go. When you arrive, use the computer terminal to the right to unlock it. For this you’ll have to choose passwords from the screen of jumbled code, which is actually a lot easier than you might think. The password changes for each play through and each time you fail, so we can’t give it to you. Read our lock picking and hacking guide and you should be all set.

Get a Fusion Core

Easy stuff. Just open the gate, and then take the Fusion Core from the machine in front of you. This will complete the objective.

Put the Fusion Core in the Power Armor

Start making your way back up to where the Settlers are hiding out. When you arrive, move to the opposite end of the room and open the wooden door. As you move forward, your objective marker will be a door that sits next to an Exit sign. Go through the door, and then choose to enter the T-45 Torso.

A few feet in front of where you grabbed the Power Armor will be the Minigun. Grab it as well, and then move to the edge of the building where you can see the Raiders who are trying to get into the Museum of Freedom.

Clear Concord of Hostiles

Start on the roof, but as soon as you can, jump down to the ground (the Power Armor prevents all fall damage, so just go for it) and start wasting the Raiders along the street. Conserve your ammunition by pushing forward, triggering a Deathclaw monster to crawl out of the ground and challenge you. The beast will push forward, but you should be able to take it out using your Minigun, while also backing up to avoid its attacks. Keep a close eye on its health bar at the top of the screen, and use V.A.T.S. as often as you can to inflict maximum damage. When the Deathclaw is down, kill the remaining Raiders to complete the objective.

Report Back to Preston

Head back to the Museum of Freedom for a cut scene, as well as a chance to abandon this mission and start with a main quest called, Jewel of the Commonwealth. Our advice is to put that one on the back burner for now, and finish up this one by taking the group back to your home in Sanctuary.

We’re not really sure if you have to follow them back, but we opted to, looting some of the bodies along the way. We opened up our Pip-Boy and browsed to Inv - Misc, and then played the Holotape called Hi Honey! It’s an emotional message, but it fits in perfectly on the quiet walk back to Sanctuary.

When you arrive, approach and speak with Preston one more time. You can say whatever you wish, but agree to any quests that he asks for your help with. This will actually lead you into the next quest that is in your best interest to complete, The First Step.

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